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Q: Are grants for home repairs available?
A: For most home repairs, we provide low-interest deferred payment loans.  Grants are available for handicap accessibility only.

Q: My manufactured home is in a park. Can I get a Home Repair Loan?
A: No. We cannot loan funds for repairs to manufactured homes located in parks because we cannot place a lien on the property. The applicant must own the land and home to qualify. Grants for handicap accessibility are available.

Q: My household's income is just over the income limit. Can you be flexible?
A: No. We must adhere to the income limits set by HUD.

Q: Can the proceeds from a Home Repair Loan be used to pay off current mortgage, consolidate bills, or pay property taxes?
A: No. The funds are to be used specifically for the repair of the house.

Q: Can we build fences, repair outbuildings, or do landscaping?
A: No. The funds are to be used specifically for the repair of the house.

Q: Where can I get a grant to make my home more energy-efficient?
A: Contact the county’s Weatherization Program at 503-650-3338.

Q: Can I use my Home Repair Loan for materials and do the work myself?
A: All the work done through the Housing Rehabilitation Program must be done by an Oregon-licensed and bonded contractor.

If you have a question or would like to request more information, please call 503-655-8591.

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