Housing Rehabilitation Loan

Please review the income chart below. To be eligible for the program, the current gross income for all household members over the age of 15 must be below the limit for the size of the household. If you think you are income-eligible, complete and submit this form.We will review it and, if you appear to meet the basic criteria, we will add your name to the waiting list.

Household Size
Annual Income 38,850 44,400 49,950 55,500 59,950 64,400 68,850 73,300
Monthly Income  3,238  3,700  4,163  4,625  4,996  5,367  5,738  6,108

5. Please indicate the sources of your income. Check ALL that apply:

(Manufactured homes in parks do not qualify for the Housing Rehab Loan Program.)

If you are purchasing on a contract, is the seller willing to sign a consent to lien?

If yes, amount and source:

If yes, amount and who:

17. Check all areas in your home that need repair:

If this inquiry was completed by someone other than the potential applicant, please provide your name, email address or phone number and indicate your connection to the applicant


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