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Clackamas County Homeless Count 2011

Introduction. The Clackamas County Homeless Count 2011 is a point-in-time count of homeless persons in the County. Homeless persons include those without their own apartment, house or mobile home; persons sleeping in places not fit for human habitation; persons in shelters or transitional housing units, and those living doubled up in overcrowded conditions. Not every homeless person in the county was found and counted. Therefore, this point-in-time count must be considered an undercount. However, findings from the 2011 count can be used to enhance understanding of the extent of homelessness in Clackamas County, and to support implementation of the Ten-Year Plan to Address Homelessness.

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More About Homeless Subpopulations

Homeless Subpopulation 2011 Count
# Persons
2009 Count
# Persons
(2009 to 2011)
Unsheltered* 735 481 +53%
Chronically homeless** 255 93 +174%
Veterans 120 74 +62%
Unaccompanied youth 147 132 +11%
Mental health issues 288 158 +82%
Physical disabilities 383 N/A N/A
Substance abuse 163 191 -15%

* Unsheltered homeless persons are those sleeping outdoors in camps, on the streets, in their vehicles, in abandoned buildings or sheds, etc.

** By HUD definition, chronically homeless persons are homeless individuals 18-years-or-older with a disabling condition who have either been continuously homeless for a year or more OR have had at least four episodes of homelessness in the past three years. Chronically homeless adults can be single or in a family with children.

What Do the 2011 Count Data Tell Us?

The 2011 Homeless Count shows significant increases in a number of important homeless subpopulations. This includes the number of persons sleeping outdoors, chronically homeless persons, homeless veterans, unaccompanied youth, and persons with serious mental illness. These trends have implications for our citizens and our communities as we continue to experience economic challenges.

The 2011 Count -- A Time of Change

This year marked an important time of change for the Homeless Count. Clackamas County converted its count data recording to a fully automated system to enhance data processing and reporting. The county’s efforts were part of a statewide initiative to have all counties move towards a uniform system for counting and reporting people without homes. The automated data and reporting systems developed and refined during the 2011 Count will help us gather more information about homeless persons, and better integrate our planning initiatives and services with community, regional, State and federal partners.

For any questions on the Clackamas County Homeless Count 2011, please contact Liz Bartell, Clackamas County Social Services Division, at 503-650-5725.

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