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Clackamas County Continuum of Care - FY 2015 Reallocation Process

The Continuum of Care met on September 23, 2015 to discuss the CoC NOFA, application due dates, Tier 1 and Tier 2 funding levels, potential bonus permanent housing project funding and the potential reallocation of project funds to create new projects.

CoC members agreed, by consensus that any CoC project reallocation of funds should occur voluntarily if possible. Members also agreed that any funds re-allocated should be directed into a Coordinated Housing Access project application to improve the Continuum of Care system.

CoC Steering Committee members met on October 15, 2015 and confirmed that CoC staff should contact all projects to offer technical assistance in re-allocating funds and reducing project budgets if needed. CoC Steering Committee members agreed that any re-allocated funds would be directed into a Coordinated Housing Access project application.

The CoC steering Committee met again on October 20 to score and rank the CoC Projects. Reallocation was discussed in regarding to projects that de-obligated funds in the last program year. The CoC coordinator agreed to discuss reallocation with projects that had de-obligated funds in order to create a new CoC Coordinated Access Project.

The CoC Lead negotiated with 2 renewal projects that had funds de-obligated in the last program year and 1 project had not yet started drawing funds. The HACC Shelter Plus Care Project, the Inn HomeSafe project and the Northwest Housing Alternatives (NHA) RRH Expansion projects all agreed to reduce their budgets to reallocate funding. Clackamas County Social Services Division agreed to sponsor a Coordinated Assessment project with the re-allocated funds.

A New Project: Coordinated Housing Access was created with $31,928 of reallocated CoC funding. The New project was posted on the CoC priority List on October 26, 2015.

The Priority list including the New Project reallocation was approved by the CoC Steering Committee by email on October 22, 2015. The CoC membership

reviewed the Priority List and the Reallocation process and the New Project on October 28th.

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