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Clackamas County Continuum of Care- FY 2016 Reallocation Process

Clackamas County CoC has had an effective reallocation process in which they actively encourage providers to apply for new projects through reallocation.

On July 12, 2016, an email was sent to the entire CoC membership, including those who do not currently receive CoC funding, to solicit proposals for new project applications. Only one application was received. Based on internal program evaluation and HUD’s scoring of our CoC programs in FY2015, the CoC Steering Committee (CoCSC) decided that all programs are achieving good or great program outcomes and could not justify defunding any programs to be replaced by the new project proposal. The CoC Steering Committee determined that the CoC should move forward with this project proposal as a bonus project.

On July 14, 2016, an email was sent to all CoC-funded programs to determine if any programs anticipated underspending their project budget and wished to reallocate some of that money toward the Coordinated Entry system. Both the CoC as a whole and the CoCSC had previously identified Coordinated Entry funding as a pressing need.

Clackamas County CoC has reallocated over 15% of our CoC’s ARD over the past 3 fiscal years.

Fiscal Year Amount Reallocated ARD Cumulative % of current ARD
FY2013 194,510 1,692,208 11%
FY2014 34,108 1,678,854 2%
FY2015 31,928 1,696,138 2%
Total: 15%
FY2016 135,268 2,036,506 7%
Total: 22%

Clackamas County has been working hard to reallocate CoC money to meet HUD and local priorities and best serve the homeless population. Over the past 4 fiscal years, the CoC has cumulatively reallocated 22% of ARD to meet the needs of the community. Reallocation is an important tool that the CoC plans to continue using each fiscal year.

FY2016 Reallocated Projects

Upon analysis of HUD’s debrief of the FY2015 CoC Application process, it was clear that Transitional Housing (TH) programs were no longer a HUD priority. Two agencies, which work together to administer two of our CoC TH projects, began meeting to determine the best course of action. The agency staff created a reallocation proposal and presented the idea to the CoC Application team on July 25, 2016, in case any further adjustments were necessary.

After feedback, the agency staff made a final proposal to dedicate other non-CoC funding sources to continue to fund Jackson Place Transitional Housing, eliminate the Jannsen Transitional Housing Program and reallocate the combined CoC money toward a new RRH program. In this way, the CoC could meet a local priority of serving single individuals and childless couples who do not meet the Chronically Homeless definition with Jackson Place. At the same time, eight families with children could be served by the new RRH program, replacing the eight families with children currently served by Jannsen each year.

The reallocation and bonus project proposals were presented to the CoC Steering Committee. The final decision to reallocate and apply for bonus funding was approved through email votes by the CoC Steering Committee on August 1, 2016. The agency grant administrators were informed that they could proceed with the New Reallocated RRH Project Application and New Bonus Project Application on that same day.

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