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CoC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Aug. 11, 2016
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Attendees: Brenda Durbin, Angela Trimble, Mary Rumbaugh, Linda, Abby Ahern, Erin Skinner

Ranking and Rating for 2016 CoC Competition

The committee reviewed the individual score cards

Score Card Feedback:

Chez Ami
The group noted that the Chez Ami demographic data did not show a very diverse population. The low number of DV survivors especially stood out.
Supportive employment – how are they supporting and engaging folks

CWS Permanent Supportive Housing
HMIS Data quality – The group agreed to award the total 5 points for this category

CWS Transitional Housing
Low numbers of diverse populations on the APR. However, CWS has mentioned that they are now seeing more diversity since incorporating Coordinated Housing Access.

HACC Jannsen
This program will not be scored due to reallocation.

The strategies listed were not innovative. The resources listed are also used by the rest of the continuum. The answer may reflect the culture of the agency and the strict regulations they must abide by.

The Inn Avalon
The innovative strategies narrative was lacking. Need more specificity.
It would be interesting to see the number of folks in each household for cost analysis.
Is there something about Avalon or drug court that is affecting diversity?

The Inn Homesafe
The innovative strategies narrative was lacking. Need more specificity.
The group agreed to award 3 points to Homesafe in the Bed Utilization category as the same measurement method was used for all programs.
DV numbers appear low.

The Inn Springwater
The innovative strategies narrative was lacking. Need more specificity.
DV numbers appear low
Homesafe and Springwater are so different with their cost per household. Why does Springwater cost so much more?

NHA RRH Combined
Households served does not necessarily mean households housed in the program



Brenda had to step out

H3S Rent Well RRH
The group agreed they will score based on 15 households proposed

After scoring all programs, budget amounts were re-reviewed.

All non scoreable programs were placed at the bottom of tier 1 with Housing our Heroes straddling tier 1 and tier 2.

Feedback for next competition:
Possible bonus points for timeliness of scorecard and renewal application submittal

The committee would be interested in having Natalie Wood attend a steering committee meeting to share more about The Inn.

Final ranking:

Tier 1

  1. H3S HOPE 1
  2. NHA RRH - Combined
  3. H3S HOPE 2
  4. CWS Permanent Supportive Housing
  5. CWS Transitional Housing
  6. The Inn Avalon
  7. H3S Rent Well
  8. CCC Chez Ami
  9. HACC Shelter+Care
  10. The Inn Springwater
  11. The Inn Homesafe
  12. H3S CHA
  13. H3S Housing our Families Reallocation
  14. H3S HMIS
  15. H3S Housing our Heroes PSH (Straddling Tier 1 & 2)

Tier 2

  1. H3S Housing our Heroes PSH
  2. CWS Bonus Project

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