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Family Medical Leave (FML)

Family Medical Leave (FML) allows an eligible employee to take up to 12 weeks of off work each year for certain situations:

The 12-week period is determined on a “rolling 12-month” basis, in which the 12-month period is measured backward from the date the leave is effective.

While you are FML, your absences cannot be counted against you to negatively impact performance evaluations.  Also, your benefits are continued at County expense for the first 12 weeks of FML even if you use leave without pay for some or all of the leave.  Most employees are qualified to receive donated leave per EPP #46 or collective bargaining agreement.  At the end of your FML leave, you are restored to your former (or equal) position without loss of seniority.

FML is not a “paid” leave, unless the employee has enough accrued paid leave to cover the absence(s). You are required to use all sick leave prior to using vacation or other paid time. The exception to this is parental leave; you can use paid time at your discretion. During FML, once you use leave without pay, you cannot elect to use paid leave for the duration of the FML.

FML Qualifying Events:

What the employee should do if an FML situation possibly exists:

What the employee should do while out on FML:

To comply with federal and state regulations, it is county policy that every employee who is taking leave that may qualify for FML protection, regardless of paid leave balances, be informed of his or her rights and encouraged to apply for FML.

Family Medical Leave Forms & More Information

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