Services Departments Government

Classification Specifications


Abuse Investigator

Accountant 1

Accountant 2

Accountant, Principal

Accountant, Senior

Accounting Clerk

Accounting Specialist 1

Accounting Specialist 2

Accounting Specialist 3

Addictions Counselor

Administrative Analyst 1

Administrative Analyst 2

Administrative Analyst, Senior

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Board Assistant 1 (BCC)

Administrative Board Assistant 2 (BCC)

Administrative Services Manager

Administrative Services Manager, Senior

Administrative Services Supervisor

Administrative Specialist 1

Administrative Specialist 2

Alarm Ordinance Coordinator

Animal Care Specialist

Animal Control Field Supervisor

Animal Control Officer 1

Animal Control Officer 2

Animal Health Technician

Animal Health Technician, CVT

Animal License Enforcement Officer

Animal Services Manager

Animal Shelter Supervisor

Appraisal Manager

Appraisal Supervisor

Aquatic and Recreation Manager

Aquatic and Recreation Supervisor

Aquatic Exercise Instructor

Aquatic Park Shift Coordinator

Aquatics Equipment Specialist

Assessment and Taxation Clerk 1

Assessment and Taxation Clerk 2

Assessment and Taxation Clerk 3

Assessment and Taxation Manager

Assessment and Taxation Supervisor

Assistant County Administrator

Assistant Director, Human Resources

Assistant Director Transportation Development

Assistant Director, Water Environment Services

Assistant Elections Manager

Assistant Juvenile Department Director

Assistant Primary Care Manager

Autobody Repair Technician

Automotive Service Technician

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Background Investigator

Behavioral Health Clinic Manager

Behavioral Health System Director

Biosolids Technician 1

Biosolids Technician 2

Bridge Maintenance Worker (Skill-Based Pay)

Budget Coordinator

Budget Manager

Building Codes Administrator

Building Construction Projects Coordinator

Building Maintenance Assistant

Building Maintenance Coordinator

Building Maintenance Specialist

Building Maintenance Specialist, Senior

Building Maintenance Supervisor

Building Systems Coordinator

Business and Economic Development Coordinator

Business and Ecomonic Development Manager

Business Management Coordinator

Business Program Coordinator


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CADD System Specialist

Cafeteria Cook

Cafeteria Cook, Senior


Case Manager

Case Manager Aide

Case Manager, Senior

Certified Medical Assistant

Child Support Enforcement Agent 1

Child Support Enforcement Agent 2

Child Support Enforcement Agent, Senior

Children, Youth And Families Director

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer, Associate

Civil Engineer, Senior

Civil Engineering Supervisor

Clinic Operations Manager

Code Compliance Coordinator

Code Compliance Specialist

Code Enforcement Supervisor

Commission Staff Manager

Commission Policy Advisor

Commission Policy Advisor, Senior

Communicable Disease Registered Nurse

Communications Call Taker

Communications Director

Communications Dispatcher 1 (Communications Dispatcher)

Communications Dispatcher Trainee

Communications Manager

Communications Operations Supervisor

Communications Shift Leader

Communications Systems Specialist

Communications Technical Supervisor

Communications Technical Systems Coordinator

Community Affairs Specialist

Community Corrections Counselor

Community Corrections Manager

Community Corrections Manager, Senior

Community Corrections Officer 1

Community Corrections Officer 2

Community Corrections Supervisor

Community Development Project Coordinator

Community Health Nurse

Community Health Nurse, Senior

Community Relations Specialist 1

Community Relations Specialist 2

Community Relations Specialist, Senior

Community Service Officer

Community Solutions Director

Computer Forensics Analyst


Cook, Senior

County Administrator

County Counsel

County Forester

County Surveyor


Courier, Senior

Crime Analyst

Crime Scene Investigator

Customer Information Specialist

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Data Control Analyst 1

Data Control Analyst 2

Dental Assistant, EFDA

Dental Director

Dental Hygienist


Deputy Building Codes Administrator

Deputy County Administrator

Deputy Director, Business and Community Services

Deputy Director, Finance

Deputy Director, Health, Housing and Human Services

Deputy District Attorney 1

Deputy District Attorney 2

Deputy District Attorney 3

Deputy District Attorney, Chief

Deputy District Attorney, Senior

Deputy Sheriff

Deputy Sheriff, Recruit


Development Agency Program Coordinator

Development Agency Program Supervisor

Development Agency Project Planner

Development Agency Project Planner, Sr.

Developmental Disability Licensing Compliance Specialist

Development Review Analyst

Development Review Coordinator

Development Review Specialist

Development Review Supervisor

Director, Business and Community Services

Director, Department of Finance

Director, Department of Human Resources

Director, Health, Housing and Human Services

Director, Department of Transportation and Development

Director, Department of Water Environment Services

Disaster Management Director

Disease Intervention Specialist

District Attorney Investigator

District Attorney Investigator, Senior

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Elections Manager

Electrical Inspector

Electrical Inspector, Senior

Electrical Inspector Supervisor


Electronics Technician 1

Electronics Technician 2

Eligibility Aide

Emergency Communications Data Specialist

Emergency Medical Services Supervisor

Employment and Training Services Manager

Employment and Training Specialist

Engineering Aide

Engineering Technician 1

Engineering Technician 2

Engineering Technician 3

Engineering Technician 4

Environmental Assistant

Environmental Compliance Specialist

Environmental Health Manager

Environmental Health Specialist 1

Environmental Health Specialist 2

Environmental Health Specialist, Senior

Environmental Policy Specialist

Environmental Program Coordinator


Epidemiologist, Senior

Equipment Maintenance Coordinator

Evidence Technician

Executive Assistant

Executive Director, Tourism and Cultural Affairs

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Facilities Contruction Supervisor

Facilities Manager

Federally Qualified Health Center Director

Ferry Operator

Field Operations Supervisor

Finance Manager

Financial Analyst

Financial System Support Analyst

Fleet Manager

Food Service Coordinator

Food Services Supervisor, Residential

Forensic Artist

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GIS Cartographer 1

GIS Cartographer 2

GIS Cartographer 3

Government Affairs Coordinator

Grants Manager

Graphic Designer

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HACC Development Coordinator

HACC Development Manager

HACC Housing Services Manager

HACC Maintenance Assistant

HACC Maintenance Coordinator

HACC Maintenance Specialist

HACC Occupancy Specialist

HACC Property Manager

Health Assistant

Health Care Administrative Services Manager

Health Care Billing Specialist

Health Centers Administration and Financial Services Manager

Health Educator

Health Records Specialist 1

Health Records Specialist 2

Housing and Community Development Director

Housing and Community Development Manager

Housing Rehabilitation Specialist

Human Resources Analyst

Human Resources Analyst, Senior

Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Business Systems Analyst

Human Resources Business Systems Manager

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager, Senior

Human Resources Program Coordinator

Human Resources Specialist

Human Services Assistant

Human Services Coordinator 1

Human Services Coordinator 2

Human Services Manager

Human Services Supervisor

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Information and Referral Specialist 1

Information and Referral Specialist 2

Information Services Assistant Director

Information Services Director

Information Services Manager

Information Services Project Coordinator

Information Services Software Specialist 1

Information Services Software Specialist 2

Information Services Software Specialist, Senior


Instrumentation Technician

Integrated Disability Analyst

Integrated Library Systems Administrator

Integrated Vegetation Management Coordinator

Internal Auditor

IT Administrator 1

IT Administrator 2

IT Administrator, Senior

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Jail Deputy

Jail Deputy, Recruit

Jail Lieutenant

Jail Sergeant

Jail Services Technician

Job Development Specialist

Juvenile Counselor 1

Juvenile Counselor 1, Lead

Juvenile Counselor 2

Juvenile Department Director

Juvenile Department Supervisor

Juvenile Services Program Coordinator

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Laboratory Analyst

Laboratory Supervisor

Laboratory Technician

Land Surveyor

Land Surveyor, Senior

Land Surveyor Manager

Land Use Review Coordinator

Law Librarian

Legal Assistant

Legal Counsel 1

Legal Counsel 2

Legal Counsel Senior

Legal Office Supervisor

Legal Secretary

Legal Secretary, Senior


Library Assistant 1

Library Assistant 2

Library Assistant 3

Library Manager

Library Network Manager

Library Network Technology Analyst

Library Section Supervisor


Long-Term Care Instructor

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Management Analyst 1

Management Analyst 2

Management Analyst, Senior

Marketing Program Specialist


Mechanic, Senior


Mediation Coordinator

Mediation Services Supervisor

Medical Director

Medical Examiner, Deputy

Medical Examiner, Senior Deputy

Medical Examiner Chief Deputy

Medical Examiner's Administrative Specialist

Medical Interpreter/Translator

Mental Health Contracts Coordinator

Mental Health Investigator

Mental Health Program Supervisor

Mental Health Services Coordinator

Mental Health Specialist 1

Mental Health Specialist 2

Mental Health Specialist 3

Microcomputer Analyst

Microcomputer Programmer/Analyst

Microcomputer Specialist 1

Microcomputer Specialist 2

Microcomputer Specialist, Senior

Mobile Visitor Services Specialist

Motor Carrier Safety Coordinator

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North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District Director

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District Manager

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner Supervisor

Nutrition Assistant


Nutritionist, Senior

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Office Assistant

Office Manager

Office Specialist 1

Office Specialist 2

Office Supervisor

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Park Maintenance Assistant

Park Maintenance Coordinator

Park Maintenance Specialist

Park Maintenance Supervisor

Park Operations Supervisor

Park Ranger

Parks Manager

Parks Planning Supervisor

Payroll Manager

Payroll Specialist

Payroll Supervisor

Permits Specialist

Permits Technician

Physician Assistant

Physician Supervisor

Planner 1

Planner 2

Planner Trainee

Planner, Principal

Planner, Senior

Planning Director

Planning Manager

Plans Examiner - Commercial

Plans Examiner - Residential

Plans Examiner Supervisor

Plans Examiner, Senior

Plumbing Inspector

Plumbing Inspector Supervisor

Policy Analyst

Policy Analyst, Senior

Pre-Admission Screening Nurse

Probation and Parole Officer 1

Probation and Parole Officer 2

Probation and Parole Officer Specialist

Probation and Parole Officer, Senior

Procurement and Contract Analyst

Procurement and Contract Analyst, Senior

Procurement and Contract Assistant

Procurement Division Director

Program Aide 1

Program Aide 2

Program Planner

Program Supervisor

Project Manager

Property and Evidence Coordinator

Property and Evidence Specialist

Property and Evidence Room Supervisor

Property Agent Specialist

Property Appraiser 1

Property Appraiser 2

Property Appraiser, Senior


Psychiatrist Supervisor

Psychologist 1

Psychologist 2

Psychologist, Senior

Psychology Intern

Public and Government Affairs Director

Public Affairs Manager

Public Health Data Analyst

Public Health Physician

Public Health Program Manager

Public Health Program Manager, Senior

Public Health Services Director

Public Range Supervisor

Public Relations Specialist

Purchasing Coordinator

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Recording and Election Technician 1

Recording and Election Technician 2

Recording Manager

Records and Information Manager

Records and Information Specialist

Records and Information Technician

Records Specialist 1

Records Specialist 2

Recreation and Natural Areas Program Coordinator

Resolution Services Director

Resource Recovery Supervisor

Right-of-Way Agent 2

Right-of-Way Agent Senior

Right-of-Way Technician

Risk and Loss Control Analyst

Risk and Loss Control Analyst, Lead

Road Maintenance Assistant

Road Maintenance Worker (Skill-Based Pay)

Road Operations Project Coordinator

Road Operations Supervisor

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Safety and Loss Control Coordinator

Sales Data Analyst

Sanitary and Stormwater Technician


Service District Specialist

Service Maintenance Worker

Sheriff's Administrative Specialist

Sheriff's Strategic Policy And Legal Liaison

Sheriff’s Technology Systems Manager

Sheriff's Unit Shift Coordinator

Social Services Director

Soil Scientist

Soil Scientist, Associate

Soil Scientist, Senior

Source Control Coordinator

Source Control Specialist

Source Control Technician

Strategic Program Coordinator

Structural Engineer

Structural/Mechanical Inspector

Structural/Mechanical Inspector Supervisor

Supervising Electrician

Surface Water Technician

Survey and CADD Supervisor

Sustainability Analyst

Sustainability Analyst, Senior

Sustainability Supervisor

Systems Architect

Systems Project Analyst

Systems Project Analyst, Senior

Systems Project Specialist

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Taxation Analyst

Technical Services Assistant

Technical Services Coordinator

Technical Services Specialist

Telecommunications Design Analyst

Tourism Coordinator

Tourism Marketing Assistant

Tourism Programs Manager

Tourism Specialist

Tourism Specialist, Senior

Traffic Control Worker (Skill Based Pay)

Traffic Operations Specialist

Traffic Signal Electrician

Traffic Signal Electrician, Lead

Training and Quality Assurance Coordinator

Transportation Document Control Specialist

Transportation Maintenance Specialist 1

Transportation Maintenance Specialist 2

Transportation Maintenance Specialist 3

Transportation Maintenance Specialist 4

Transportation Maintenance Technician

Transportation Maintenance Technician, Senior

Transportation Operations Manager

Transportation Planning Supervisor

Treasury Manager

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Vehicle Ordinance Specialist

Veterans Services Officer


Victim Advocate

Victim Assistance Program Director

Victim Assistance Supervisor

Video Network Systems Specialist

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Wastewater Maintenance Coordinator

Wastewater Mechanic

Wastewater Operations Coordinator

Wastewater Plant Manager

Wastewater Plant Operations Supervisor

Wastewater Plant Operator 1

Wastewater Plant Operator 2

Wastewater Process Engineer

Wastewater/Stormwater Collections Coordinator

Water Environment Services Assistant

Water Quality Analyst

Water Quality Maintenance Supervisor

Water Quality Manager

Weatherization Energy Auditor/Inspector

Weatherization Services Program Manager



WES Business Manager

WES Resource Specialist

WES Technical Division Manager

Work Crew Specialist

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