Established: 07/12
Revised: 08/15
FLSA: Non-exempt
EEO: 5



Under general supervision, to provide humane and routine care, control and treatment to dogs impounded in the Clackamas County Animal Shelter and perform other community and customer service duties; perform behavioral observations and assessments of animals, recordkeeping, community outreach, customer service and counseling duties related to animal adoptions; care for and feed animals; perform general maintenance and cleaning of the shelter and surrounding grounds area for safety and sanitary purposes; and to humanely euthanasia and dispose of animals; and to do other work as required.


The Dog Services Division administers the County’s animal control program to enforce State and County laws and regulations governing the care, control, impounding, protection, licensing and disposal of animals. The Division also operates and maintains the County’s animal shelter which houses stray and abandoned dogs.

The Animal Health Technician CVT ensures the proper care, feeding and treatment of dogs and, on occasion, cats in the animal shelter. Incumbents provide paraprofessional veterinary care to animals and are certified by the State to perform euthanasia.

The Animal Health Technician CVT differs from the Animal Care Specialist which does not provide veterinary care or perform euthanasia. It also differs from the Animal Control Officer 1 and 2 which perform field enforcement of animal regulation laws.


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Cares for the health and well being of all animals in the care and custody of Animal Services; provides daily enrichment activities for animals including walking dogs, teaching basic obedience, providing play activities, confidence development and other activities appropriate for the animal; evaluates animals for potential training and adoption.
  2. Provides paraprofessional veterinary care for animals in the care and custody of Animal Services; consults with primary veterinarian about animal medical care and problems; assists with medical and surgical procedures including set-up and clean-up before and after surgery; prepares and administers medications and preventive vaccinations, including maintenance of drug logs; applies and removes wound and surgical dressings, casts and splints; transports sick or seriously injured animals to the veterinarian.
  3. Assists with the maintenance and cleaning of shelter facilities, grounds and building; cleans and disinfects all runs and animal holding facilities and materials; maintains and cleans outdoor facilities and grounds; performs basic building maintenance; orders supplies and maintains inventory of food, vaccines, medications and other veterinary supplies.
  4. Receives and documents impounded and stray dogs and unwanted cats for placement in shelter; examines animals for injury or disease; investigates, quarantines and observes animals suspected of having rabies and other communicable diseases.
  5. Assists public in finding lost pets or retrieving and reclaiming impounded animals; provides advice on general pet care and responsible pet ownership; assists public in the selection of animals for potential adoption; interviews, counsels and approves applicants in the pet adoption program.
  6. Performs euthanasia on dogs; disposes of animals in a safe, clean and efficient manner; maintains clean euthanasia area and room; maintains drug logs.
  7. Assists Animal Control Officers as necessary; loads and unloads animals from vehicles; picks up stray and injured dogs; lifts, carries and/or controls animals for unloading or transport; assists in obtaining and serving warrants for animal neglect; presents oral and written testimony in court cases involving animal abuse.


Working knowledge of: Animal behavior, breed identification and basic animal health; dog and cat anatomy and physiology; basic principles and procedures of technical veterinary medicine, including treatment and control of common diseases and basic first aid for dogs and cats; safe and efficient animal handling techniques; State and County laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures governing the control, impoundment, retention and release of dogs and cats; safe and humane euthanasia techniques and procedures, including proper use and storage of controlled substances; record keeping techniques; public service techniques.

Skill to: Safely and effectively handle, care for and treat vicious, stray or diseased animals; handle and control animals while cleaning cages, pens and runs; administers injections and medications to dogs and cats; explain proper care of animals to the public and adoptive owners; identify diseases and assess injuries in dogs and cats and take appropriate safety precautions when handling such animals; perform humane euthanasia by injection method; establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, veterinarians, animal interest groups and County employees; prepare and maintain accurate records; communicate effectively, both orally an in writing; operate grounds maintenance equipment, including power lawn mower, weed eater, shovel and hoe; operate light vehicles to transport animals and supplies.


Duties require walking, prolonged standing, kneeling, bending, twisting, squatting, reaching forward/overhead, fine motor control and the ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds having awkward size and shape, and the ability to push/pull 75 pounds. Duties also involve frequent exposure to loud noises, wet and slippery surfaces, and sick, injured, agitated, frightened or aggressive animals.


Possession of a Certified Veterinary Technician certificate, issued by the Oregon Veterinary Medical Board (OAR 875-030-0030).

Possession of or ability to obtain within six (6) months of hire: Certification by the State of Oregon as a Euthanasia Technician.

Must pass a pre-employment drug test.

Employment is contingent upon passing a post-offer physical assessment. Accommodation requests will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation.

Driving is required for County business on a regular basis or to accomplish work. Incumbents must possess a valid driver's license, and possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills.

Edited: 09/17