Established: 02/18
FLSA: Exempt
EEO: 4



Under general direction, provide professional medical services in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare of diseased or injured animals; and to do other work as required.


The Dog Services Division administers the County’s dog control program to enforce State and County laws and regulations governing the care, control, impounding, protection, licensing and disposal of animals. The division also operates and maintains the County’s animal shelter which houses stray, abandoned, and owner surrendered dogs.

The Veterinarian is a single-incumbent classification responsible for providing professional medical veterinarian services and leading the work of animal health technicians.

The Veterinarian differs from the Animal Health Technician classifications which provides paraprofessional veterinary care and euthanasia of dogs. It also differs from the Animal Care Specialist which does not provide veterinary care or perform euthanasia.


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Performs cost effective and humane emergency and routine medical treatment of impounded animals; vaccinates animals against rabies, distemper, parvo virus, upper respiratory infection, and other diseases common to canines commonly found in shelters.
  2. Administers anesthesia to perform spay and neuter procedures and other necessary surgeries; makes referrals to specialists when needed to improve quality of life for animals.
  3. Administers drugs, including some controlled substances, during surgery; prescribes and administers post-surgical and other medications to treat conditions of animals; maintains control of restricted drugs.
  4. Establishes protocols for the care, prognosis and health of all animals brought into the Clackamas County shelter to check for disease, injuries, or related conditions which may prove unsafe for the animal, county personnel, or the public; assists in development of shelter medicine plans for disease outbreaks.
  5. Trains and supports other animal care workers in the care of animals.
  6. Performs dental procedures to clean or extract teeth.
  7. Performs health examinations prior to adoption or placement in another organization.
  8. Performs euthanasia on dogs; disposes of animals in a safe, clean and efficient manner; maintains clean euthanasia area and room; maintains drug logs.


Thorough knowledge of: Legal requirements governing delivery of veterinary services; State and County laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures governing the control, impoundment, retention and release of dogs; laws, codes, regulations and policies affecting the division’s operations and programs; surgical procedures for spaying and neutering canines; drugs and medicine needed for medical procedures in an animal shelter; animal behavior, breed identification and basic animal health; dog anatomy and physiology; principles and procedures of technical veterinary medicine, including treatment and control of common diseases and first aid for dogs; safe and efficient animal handling techniques; safe and humane euthanasia techniques and procedures, including proper use and storage of controlled substances; record keeping techniques; public service techniques.

Working knowledge of: Quality assurance procedures and techniques; modern techniques and established procedures for treating various animals for common diseases and injuries; standard guidelines of the veterinary profession that are used in the State of Oregon; training principles, practices and techniques; techniques and principles of basic supervision and training.

Skill to: Determine surgical needs based on the animals’ health status; understand, interpret and apply pertinent provisions of county, state and federal laws, rules, regulations and standards that affect the operation and administration of the shelter medical program; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; analyze situations and take appropriate action; reach sound conclusions; restrain animals to treat and administer medicine; prepare clear, complete and technically accurate reports; establish and maintain cooperative relations and deal effectively and tactfully with the public, veterinarians, animal interest groups and County employees; safe and effective handle, care for and treat vicious, stray or diseased animals; handle and control animals while cleaning cages, pens and runs; administers injections and medications to dogs; explain proper care of animals to the public and adoptive owners; identify diseases and assess injuries in dogs and take appropriate safety precautions when handling such animals; perform humane euthanasia by injection method; prepare and maintain accurate records; use of computers and computer software including word processing, spreadsheets, and databases.


Duties require walking, prolonged standing, kneeling, bending, twisting, squatting, reaching forward/overhead, fine motor control and the ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds having awkward size and shape, and the ability to push/pull 75 pounds. Duties also involve frequent exposure to loud noises, wet and slippery surfaces, and sick, injured, agitated, frightened or aggressive animals.


Possession of a valid license issued by the State of Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board that is not expired, revoked, or suspended at any time during employment (OAR 875-010-0000).

Must pass a pre-employment drug test.

Employment is contingent upon passing a post-offer physical assessment. Accommodation requests will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation.

Driving may be necessary for County business. For position(s) with occasional/incidental driving, incumbents must possess a valid driver’s license. Accommodation requests for an acceptable alternative method of transportation will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation. For position(s) with regular driving, incumbent(s) must also possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills.