Established: 01/93
Revised: 05/03, 12/07
FLSA: Exempt
EEO: 8



Under direction, to plan, organize and supervise the activities and personnel of the weatherization services program; to perform program planning and evaluation; and to do other work as required.


The Community Solutions Division within the Department of Human Services provides services to disadvantaged, unemployed and under-employed County residents. This Division works in partnership with other human services, economic development organizations and employers to increase the number of jobs available to Clackamas County residents. The Community Solutions Division also assists established, expanding and relocating companies to acquire trained and productive workers. Programs include vocational and remedial education, on-the-job training, work experience, career counseling and assessment, job placement and retention services, job search workshops, residential weatherization services, mediation and dispute resolution services, and programs for high risk youth.

The Weatherization Services Program Manager oversees and coordinates the provision of weatherization services to low-income County residents and private sector landlords. The incumbent oversees weatherization projects and develops daily operating procedures, work plans and schedules within established policies.

The Weatherization Services Program Manager differs from Housing Rehabilitation Manager that supervises the community housing rehabilitation load programs and staff. It also differs from Facilities Manager who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of County owned/leased building structures, mechanical systems and surrounding grounds.


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Oversees and plans weatherization project schedules, audits and work crews; reviews cost estimates for materials and supplies; develops project specifications, work plans and personnel/time requirements; oversees preparation of contracts for services; reviews work orders and work in progress; approves and oversees final inspections; reviews computerized energy audits.
  2. Develops, administers, monitors and coordinates annual budget, grants funds and cooperative agreements; researches and develops proposals for additional funding and personnel; gathers and analyzes program statistical data and other information; sets spending limits per weatherization job completions and authorizes expenditures; completes utility rebate forms.
  3. Maintains detailed project and inventory records; purchases and orders necessary materials/equipment; resolves ordering errors; conducts quarterly inventory audits; coordinates vehicle purchases and maintenance with County departments.
  4. Plans, assigns and manages program services and project activities; designs forms and recommends policy changes; monitors and evaluates project/program effectiveness in meeting established objectives; develops quality assurance standards and implements review process.
  5. Provides direction and consultation to weatherization staff, contractors and private sector landlords on complex technical, procedural and policy issues; makes decision on difficult health and safety problems, eligibility issues and cost effectiveness of weatherization measures; investigates and responds to complaints from customers, landlords and other agencies.
  6. Hires and directs technical, clerical, temporary and work experience staff to provide quality services to citizens and County staff; prepares performance evaluations; recommends and administers progressive discipline; conducts and/or facilitates staff training and development programs; promotes cooperative team efforts among staff and with other County departments.
  7. Develops resources and makes referrals with community, government agencies, private organizations and the public; participates in State and local collaborative partnership projects; staffs advisory councils; task forces and committees.
  8. Develops and implements program policies, procedures and guidelines within department and legal standards; develops and implements procedural improvements; reviews, interprets and clarifies relevant statutes, regulations and department policies; assists in the development of State policies and strategies to coordinate delivery of cost effective weatherization services.
  9. Coordinates and promotes program and project activities; conducts public relations, outreach and energy conservation activities with community, government agencies, private organizations, businesses and the public; reviews and prepares flyers, brochures, newsletter articles, classified advertisement, press releases and correspondence.
  10. Prepares, negotiates and monitors service contracts with public and private vendors; determines selection criteria and evaluates contractor performance; prepares and presents quarterly reports to Housing and Community Services for fund renewal.


Thorough knowledge of: Federal, state and county weatherization regulations, specifications and local building codes; program guidelines, policies, customer health and safety issues; weatherization techniques, materials, tool knowledge and safety rules; weatherization auditing and final inspection regulations; principles and practices of public administration including organization design; budget and grant administration and personnel management.

Working knowledge of: Participative management theories; eligibility requirement for individuals with limited economic and available resources; community resources; marketing techniques; office equipment, including computer equipment and software programs.

Skill to: Plan and coordinate weatherization programs; develop and utilize program and community resources and available staff; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; interpret policies and, regulations; develop procedures; gather and evaluate data; direct staff in continuous efforts to improve quality productivity and effectiveness; incorporate team participation in decision making; respond to changes desired by citizens and County staff; establish and maintain effective working relationships with community, private organizations, government agencies, businesses, County departments, employees and the public; use computerized equipment.


Driving is required for County business on a regular basis or to accomplish work. Incumbents must possess a valid driver's license, and possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills.