Established: 04/02



Under direction, to lead the work of land surveyors and survey technicians; to oversee, track and assign projects; to serve as a technical resource for subordinate staff; to review and approve land survey documents and plat maps prepared by private surveyors; to perform other Land Surveyor functions; and to do other work as required.


The County Surveyor’s Office conducts a variety of professional surveying activities for Clackamas County including maintaining public records, restoring government corners, processing subdivision applications and providing technical assistance to the public.

The Land Surveyor, Senior leads the work of a functional work unit that includes professional Land Surveyor positions. Duties involve providing professional expertise, guidance and assistance with project survey activities including maintaining public records, providing technical support to the public, restoring government corners or processing/reviewing development applications. The Land Surveyor, Senior is the advanced journey level in the professional Land Surveyor series.

The Land Surveyor, Senior is distinguished from the Land Surveyor by the level of responsibility to assign, oversee and track projects of professional and technical staff; and by the direction and methods performed as a lead worker to staff and a functional unit.


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Oversees, tracks and assigns projects to assigned professional Land Surveyors; serves as the initial contact to review concerns with Land surveyors on projects; provides preliminary reviews, and directs methods and approaches of surveys.
  2. Leads and coordinates survey crews led by Land Surveyors; coordinates resources; schedules staff, coordinates and reviews the work of assigned survey professionals and technicians; provides input to management regarding personnel performance evaluations; recommends training opportunities for staff.
  3. Conducts weekly project and other meetings; maintains a priority list of corners; assures monthly equipment maintenance objectives are performed and documented.
  4. Reviews subdivision plats, boundary surveys, corner monument restorations, construction surveys, road right-of-way, vacation and legalization surveys and other public and private surveys; conducts field checks of angles, bearings and distances; compiles, coordinates and analyzes field data collection.
  5. Conducts research and preparation on drawings, maps, legal descriptions, property ownerships, records, reports, and correspondence; participates in the maintenance of official and historical land records.
  6. Provides advice and assistance to property owners, contractors, attorneys, title companies, departments, and public on various aspect of land surveying; answers questions and provides information on survey standards and property boundaries.
  7. Check maps and survey documents submitted for completeness, accuracy and conformity to accepted surveying practices, and other legal requirements; certifies survey documents with seal and signature prior to official recording.


Thorough knowledge of: Principles, methods and instruments used in land surveying; federal and state statutes, rules and regulations governing land survey methods, standards and record keeping; drafting and mapping techniques, base engineering mathematics, including co-ordinate geometry and trigonometry; office practices and equipment, including computer terminals; research techniques; basic principles and techniques of supervision; general project management techniques.

Skill to: Lead the work of assigned staff; organize work flow utilizing staff and other resources; prepare survey documents, including drawings, maps plats, deeds and legal descriptions, conduct research pertaining to survey and related property records; locate, compile and organize complex and outdated survey data; operate field and office survey instruments, including level, theodolite, electronic measuring equipment, tape measure, electronic data collector and computer assisted drafting and designing software; establish and maintain effective working relationships and engineers, private surveyors, constructions contractors, County employees and the public; prepare and maintain accurate records; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


Within DTD’s County Surveyor’s Office – Public Land Corner, duties in the field require frequent walking, stepping, squatting, kneeling, bending, twisting, digging, swinging, balancing, grasping, fine motor control, and the ability to lift and carry up to 90 pounds, including carrying 60 pounds on one shoulder. Duties also involve frequent exposure to slippery and/or uneven surfaces including steep terrain, loud noises, vibration, exhaust fumes and dust, and adverse weather conditions.


Registration as a Professional Land Surveyor in any state (US) at time of hire. Incumbent must be registered as a Professional Surveyor in the State of Oregon within six months of hire.

Within DTD’s County Surveyor’s Office – Public Land Corner, employment is contingent upon passing a post-offer physical assessment. Accommodation requests will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation.

Driving may be necessary for County business. For position(s) with occasional/incidental driving, incumbents must possess a valid driver's license. Accommodation requests for an acceptable alternative method of transportation will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation. For position(s) with regular driving, incumbent(s) must also possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills.

Edited: 08/16