Revised and Retitled: 9/2014
FLSA: Exempt
EEO: 2



Under direction, to plan, organize, monitor, and lead the County’s federal, state, regional and local legislative initiatives and programs; to develop and coordinate the County’s legislative agendas; to perform legislative advocacy for the Board of County Commissioners, County Administrator and County departments and divisions; and to do other work as required.


The Department of Public and Government Affairs (PGA) coordinates public information and intergovernmental relations by disseminating information and promoting communication between the County and the media, business groups, citizen groups and the public. PGA represents the County in policy formulation and coordination of intergovernmental issues with federal, state and local legislatures and governments, and facilitates public involvement and participation in the County’s public policy and decision making process. PGA coordinates these duties through its divisions: Government Affairs, Public Affairs and Cable Communications.

The Government Affairs Coordinator is responsible for serving as the County’s primary liaison on federal, state, regional and local policies, priorities and funding issues to ensure that negotiations and representation are consistent with the overall strategic legislative objectives and the County’s legislative agenda. The incumbent works in coordination with and under the direction of the Public and Government Affairs Director in determining the interface between the County’s federal, state and regional legislative agendas and also serves as the County’s liaison with cities, special districts and various committees to ensure a coordinated County agenda.

The Government Affairs Coordinator differs from the Public Affairs Manager who is responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of programs and activities related to media, business and community relations and supervises a team of staff in support of these programs.


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Serves as the County’s primary government affairs lead on federal, state, regional and local issues; manages and supports the County’s interactions with congressional offices, federal agencies, state legislators and staff, state agencies, regional government entities, local governments and other elected officials and staff; establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with federal, state and local government officials, managers, staff and various intergovernmental associates; provides political advice, advocacy and defense of County interests; with the PGA Director, supports, briefs and counsels the Board of County Commissioners, County Administration and County staff on government affairs and issues related to Clackamas County.
  2. With the PGA Director, develops and oversees the County’s federal, state, regional and local legislative agendas; recommends and develops strategies, methods and resources to advance County objectives; participates in the development and implementation of the County’s legislative policies and priorities; develops written communication that describes the County’s policy interests; participates in the development of an overall strategic legislative agenda that properly coordinates federal, state and regional legislative positions and communications.
  3. Serves as the County’s lead lobbyist during annual state legislative sessions in Salem; coordinates and represents County interests throughout federal congressional sessions; drafts, introduces, advocates and testifies on legislation related to County operations and activities; monitors and evaluates legislation, regulations and other issues and their potential impact on County operations; coordinates and oversees lobbying activities, trips and meetings to promote County interests.
  4. Oversees and administers contracts for federal and state lobbying services; regularly interacts with federal and state lobbyists on the advancement of the County’s legislative and regulatory priorities; oversees federal grant support to County departments; drafts and builds support for letters of support from the County’s Congressional delegation.
  5. Participates in local, regional and state organizations, commissions and task forces and associations to promote and coordinate intergovernmental legislative action, programs and goals; monitors and assesses County impacts of proposed city and Metro ordinances; provides strategic staff support to the Board of County Commissioners, elected officials, the County Administrator, department directors and various committees on intergovernmental advocacy, issues and projects.
  6. Provides technical supervision over PGA staff performing work related to government affairs.


Comprehensive knowledge of: Principles, methods, and techniques of public administration, including public policy and decision making; federal, state and local legislative processes; organization and function of County departments and agencies; federal, state, and local statutes, rules, and regulations applicable to legislative lobbying; federal, state, and local government operating methods and procedures; strategic plans and cooperative programs relating to intergovernmental operations, including land use, economic development transportation, and revenue sharing; government funding sources and financing methods; techniques of mediation, negotiation, and public relations; principles and techniques of supervision; participatory management theories.

Working knowledge of: Principles and practices of personnel management and contract administration; automated systems; microcomputer applications including word processing, spreadsheets and data bases; English grammar and composition; principles and techniques of public speaking.

Skill to: Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; develop publications and marketing and targeted outreach strategies; organize, coordinate, and implement comprehensive legislative and intergovernmental relations programs and legislative agendas; analyze legislation and other issues for potential impact on County operations; formulate and implement operational and administrative policies; prepare and justify budget requests; develop contracted service agreements; direct staff in continuous efforts to improve quality, productivity, and effectiveness; incorporate team participation in decision making; respond to changes desired by citizens and County staff; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with government agencies, elected officials, County employees, and the public; understand, interpret, and apply Federal, State, and local statutes, rules, and regulations relevant to assigned programs; lead and direct the work of regular and contract staff.


Possession of a valid driver’s license. Incumbent must possess and maintain a safe and acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment. This position requires frequent long distance and overnight travel.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills.