Established: 11/06 
FLSA: Non-Exempt
EEO: 8



Under direction, to plan, organize and coordinate the activities of the integrated vegetation management program and the work of project or crew personnel; to apply herbicides, pesticides and plant control vegetation in a broad based environmental spray program; and to do other work as required.


The Roads Division within the Department of Transportation and Development maintains the County's roads, bridges, culverts, and buildings and equipment related to road and ferry systems.  

The Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) program within the Roads Division is designed to control roadside vegetation in order to preserve sight distances, improve drainage and appearance, control noxious weeds and invasive species, eliminate pests and physical hazards.  This program includes broad range and selective spraying, planting desirable vegetation and monitoring the environmental effects of chemicals, herbicides and fungicides.

The Integrated Vegetation Management Coordinator plans, schedules and coordinates vegetation management, landscape work and some litter control activities with Road Maintenance Supervisors, team leaders, support staff, contractors, other agency staff, inmate and community corrections labor crews, and volunteer groups performing work in the County right-of-way.  The incumbent also applies herbicides, insecticides and plant control vegetation on County road shoulders and forest land and ensures chemicals are stored, mixed, applied, transported and disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner.  The Integrated Vegetation Management Coordinator is required to possess and maintain specialized training and certifications to apply chemicals to roadsides.

The Integrated Vegetation Management Coordinator differs from Road Maintenance Workers which perform various road maintenance functions and vegetation control activities within a skill-based pay program. 


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Coordinates the IVM program activities, including no cut/no spray program, with supervisory staff and project or crew personnel; participates in the development and recommends program goals and annual work plan and budget, including contracted services; monitors and controls expenditures; oversees and coordinates special projects. 
  2. Coordinates spray crew work with other road maintenance functions including grading, mechanical and manual brush removal, mowing and ditching; confers with Road Supervisors and reviews road maintenance plans to coordinate vegetation control and landscaping work with road maintenance activities. 
  3. Participates, conducts and makes recommendations on hiring, training and development, and performance evaluations; reviews work performed; explains regulations and procedures and provides direction on related issues; promotes cooperative team efforts among staff.  
  4. Selects, orders, procures and mixes chemical compounds in appropriate concentration for planned treatment areas, environmental conditions and types of vegetation or pests; determines appropriate chemicals and spray equipment, and plans for and directs their proper utilization; correctly stores inventory.
  5. Transports and applies herbicide chemicals to road shoulders, prepared road beds, selected forest lands and county properties; operates truck mounted and back pack spray equipment, and injection equipment; determines suitable vegetation and conditions for spray applications; identifies area not to be sprayed due to environmental conditions or in accordance with the County "No Spray" program; ensures chemicals and their containers are stored, mixed, applied, transported and disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner.
  6. Prepares and maintains required IVM program and inventory control records, including Material Safety Data Sheets, Pesticide Use Reporting System requirements, and daily spray reports; responds to and educates citizens regarding requests or complaints about vegetation and herbicide applications in County right-of-way; refers issues to supervisor as appropriate.
  7. Evaluates the performance and efficiency of chemical applications, including selective and growth retarding compounds; inspects previously sprayed areas; identifies problems in eradicating or controlling specific plants; maintains current knowledge of pesticide formulations and application techniques, equipment used, emerging technologies, and invasive species.
  8. Operates, maintains and inspects light trucks and spray equipment; tests and calibrates spray equipment, including application control computer; ensures proper vehicle service and cleaning according to maintenance schedules; ensures safety items are stocked and operational; performs minor repairs in the field.
  9. Identifies and evaluates areas for beneficial plant development; directs or plants appropriate wildflowers, selected grasses and low growing plant species; monitors effectiveness in eliminating undesirable plants; plans, conducts and evaluates hydro-seeding projects and activities; purchases plants, seed mix and mulch.
  10. Plans, coordinates and directs landscape maintenance activities performed by road maintenance workers, other public agency staff, volunteer groups and contractors; determines appropriate plantings and directs vegetation replacement in established landscaped areas; may provide input to development of project landscaping plans.


Working knowledge of: Basic principles and practices of supervision, budgeting, purchasing and contract administration; federal and state laws and regulations governing the use of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, including Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), Oregon Revised Statutes, Occupational Safety and Health Administration Regulations and Oregon Administrative Rules; common herbicides used to control roadside weed and plant growth; effects of herbicides on weeds, crops and other vegetation; environmental concerns associated with the use of herbicides and pesticides; use, operation, maintenance and minor repair of vehicles and spray equipment, types and methods of introducing desirable vegetation; basic math, algebra and computer skills.

Skill to: Coordinate completion of projects within established budget and time guidelines; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; understand and follow oral and written instructions; accurately calculate chemical mixture ratios and calibrate equipment; operate light to medium vehicles; operate and make minor repairs to spray equipment; establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, chemical and material vendors, other agencies and County employees; prepare and maintain accurate records and reports; determine and track expenditures; identify occupational hazards and use appropriate safety precautions; use various hand tools; evaluate and incorporate new products and associated equipment.


Duties involve exposure to hazardous chemicals, inclement weather, noise and road hazards. 


State of Oregon Public Pesticide Applicator's license with the following Certifications:  Laws and Safety, Road Right-of-Way, and Aquatic.

Employment is contingent upon passing a post-offer physical assessment.  Accommodation requests will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation.

Driving is required for County business on a regular basis or to accomplish work.  Incumbents must possess a valid driver's license, and possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills.