Established:  09/05
FLSA:  Exempt
EEO:  2



Under direction, to plan, coordinate, direct and implement complex development review projects from inception to completion; to coordinate inter and intra departmental review, external agency review and permitting; to facilitate developer and consultant interactions with staff; to coordinate and provide technical and administrative services in support of development review, including but not limited to planning, engineering review, service district and agency interactions; and to do other work as required.


The Department of Transportation and Development (DTD) provides services to County residents and corporate citizens through the Building Services, Business and Administrative Services, Land Use and Environmental Planning, Road Operations, Community Environment, Dog Protection and Control and Transportation Engineering and Parks Divisions.

The Development Review Coordinator is responsible for the planning and management of the largest and most complex residential, commercial and industrial development projects. This position provides a single point of contact between developers and their consultants and divisions within DTD, other county departments and external agencies to facilitate development review and permitting.

The Development Review Coordinator differs from the Land Use Review Coordinator which coordinates less complex development review projects that are within a functional area. The Development Review Coordinator also differs from the Business and Economic Development Coordinator which is responsible for the implementation of plans and projects designed to recruit and retain businesses. It further differs from the Planner, Principal which performs the most complex research, analysis, evaluations and presentations of proposals that concern the physical, environmental, and economic conditions within a functional unit or major project within the Planning and Economic Development Division.


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Facilitates the most complex and sensitive development projects through the land use review and permitting processes; coordinates developers expectations for project timeline with County policies and procedures; explains conditions of approval; works with staff to keep review process on schedule; anticipates problems and works to a solution with customers and staff; communicates priorities and goals of both the developer and the reviewer; provides single point contact for the developer’s project manager; attends public meetings to discuss project development issues; convenes meetings as necessary to solve problems and ensures timely progress of projects.
  2. Defines the scope of the project ensuring consistency with County plans and requirements by meeting with individuals proposing major developments; advises on planning considerations and alternatives, restraints and opportunities, precedents, laws and process considerations; reviews submittals and comments, analyzes, prepares and presents reports and recommendations on significant administrative and quasi-judicial applications such as conditional uses, zone changes, subdivisions, partitions and design review applications for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.
  3. As assigned, may oversee or administer special service districts and assessment districts related to road and utility improvement or wastewater collection and treatment; may coordinate the requirements of these services with the needs of new development as appropriate, and/or oversee the administration of the Local Improvement District program and the Zone of Benefit/Cost Recovery programs.
  4. Coordinates development projects with other County departments and agencies, member cities and other jurisdictions; keeps affected parties informed on major project applications; coordinates program development for the Development Review process inter and intra departmentally (including the County Surveyor’s Office) by working with staff, division managers and department directors.
  5. May review development plans for compliance with land-use, road, engineering and/or building code standards.


Thorough knowledge of: Principles and practices of public administration as it applies to transportation and development review needs and services; strategic planning and project management.

Working knowledge of: Principles and practices of engineering as related to transportation, wastewater and storm water systems; preparation of plans, specifications and design; County policies and procedures related to DTD (including planning, engineering, building codes, and community environment), WES, and the Surveyor’s Office standards for development; concepts of service district development and administration; general financial procedures, technical report writing; public meeting law; office procedures, practices and equipment; microcomputer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, and data bases; plans, codes, standards, ordinances, and related laws pertaining to design, development, and construction; English grammar and composition; principles and techniques of public speaking.

Skill to: Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; evaluate design and development plans for assessment and service district potential; read and interpret engineering drawings, maps, plans, specifications, and legal documents; write clear and concise technical reports and correspondence; collect and analyze data and make sound recommendations based on principles and practices of field engineering; establish and maintain effective working relations with government officials, associations, public interest and community groups, business leaders, other utilities, contractors, developers, the public and other county personnel. 


Occasional duties in the field require walking, twisting, balancing, and involve exposure to inclement weather, noise, and slippery and/or uneven terrain.


Some positions require appropriate Oregon Specialty Code certifications applicable to the area of code compliance.

Driving is required for County business on a regular basis or to accomplish work. Incumbents must possess a valid driver's license, and possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills.

Edited: 10/16