Established:  11/78
Revised:  07/81
FLSA:  Exempt
EEO:  2



Under general supervision, to perform a variety of psychological services in a community mental health clinic or treatment setting; to provide treatment for the mentally and emotionally disturbed, the developmentally disabled, and alcohol and substance abusers; to participate in various program and mental health functions and activities in the professional community; and to do other work as required.


The Psychologist series is primarily focused on providing professional counseling/treatment; formal research and evaluation, and clinical consultation services concerning the design and implementation of community mental health programs for the emotionally/mentally disturbed populace of Clackamas County.  

The Psychologist series differs from the Mental Health Specialist series in that the former classes require: advanced formal education and training in psychological theory and treatment modalities; and demonstrated proficiency to attain licensure, to conduct psychological evaluations and to provide clinical/psychological consultative services.

Psychologist 1 is the first working level in the series.  Incumbents are assigned duties requiring proficient treatment, assessment/evaluative and diagnostic skills.  Psychologist 2 is the next level in the series and differs from Psychologist 1 by the former's more complex work or case assignments and greater independence.  Advancement to Psychologist 2 is predicated upon 1) program need and staff requirements, and 2) demonstrated proficiency, skill development and overall performance.


Duties may include but are not limited to:

  1. Under general supervision, administers, scores, analyzes and interprets psychological tests to evaluate client behavior and to establish a diagnosis and prepare individualized treatment plans.
  2. Observes, interviews, and conducts therapy with clients, family members, applicants, and other relevant parties in order to provide ongoing treatment, rehabilitation, and crisis intervention services.
  3. Prepares and interprets research findings, summarizes and qualifies research data to prepare preliminary technical reports or evaluation studies.
  4. Under general supervision, provides training, consultation or case supervision to staff and other professionals throughout the mental health community on therapeutic principles, mental illness; mental retardation, alcoholism or drug abuse, and new developments in the mental health field.
  5. Provides consultation to other health or social service agencies regarding professional observation, evaluation, referral and treatment of clients.
  6. Maintains and monitors case files; issues correspondence and updates client information as required.


Working knowledge of: Principles, methods, procedures, and techniques of psychological behavior, roles, social and neurological disorders and the application of psychological treatments to these disorders; terminology and definition of clinical and abnormal psychology; activities governed by a professional code of ethics and rules of confidentiality; principles, methods, and procedures of psychological testing and devices used to ascertain intelligence, aptitude, and personality traits; use of statistics and statistical methods, accepted research, methodologies, and practices; case management and casework methods; office equipment, including personal computers and software programs.

Skill to: Conduct necessary research and to use that research as a basis for recommendations; learn and apply appropriate laws, regulations, and code of ethics to the mental health field and practice; write clear, logical reports; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with the general public, other employees, and with clients; interpret and administer psychological tests; conduct, monitor and refine treatment planning; diagnose behavioral, emotional disorders to carry out recommendations and directives; operate computer software and other office equipment; establish and maintain effective working relationships.


Duties are performed in various environments involving both sedentary and walking activities; incumbents work with varied socioeconomic groups, the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, alcoholic and substance abusing clients and their families.


Some positions require licensure by the Oregon State Board of Psychologist Examiners, due to program needs or contractor requirements.

Must successfully pass a criminal history check which may include national or state fingerprint records check.

Must pass a pre-employment drug test.

Driving may be necessary for County business.  For position(s) with occasional/incidental driving, incumbents must possess a valid driver's license.  Accommodation requests for an acceptable alternative method of transportation will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation.  For position(s) with regular driving, incumbent(s) must also possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that would demonstrate the required knowledge and skills.