Established: 03/18
FLSA: Non-Exempt
EEO: 7



Under general supervision, operates medium and heavy road, bridge, traffic sign and marking maintenance equipment and vehicles; performs skilled manual tasks; does related work as required.


The Transportation Maintenance Division within the Department of Transportation and Development maintains the County's roads, bridges, culverts, buildings, traffic markings signs, signals, and equipment related to the County’s road, bridge, traffic, and ferry systems.

The Transportation Maintenance Specialist 3 is the third level classification in the four level Transportation Maintenance Specialist series. Incumbents operate heavy equipment and commercial hauling vehicles. Incumbents are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of a variety of construction, maintenance and repair equipment.  Incumbents are also responsible for performing skilled heavy carpentry, concrete finishing, welding, steel fitting, sandblasting, painting, and crane operation, and the maintenance of a variety of traffic marking and sign aids and devices.

The Transportation Maintenance Specialist 3 classification differs from the Transportation Maintenance Specialist 2 who generally operates smaller equipment having less than four axles, and also differs from the Transportation Maintenance Specialist 4 which is responsible to lead and coordinate the work of employees in the field.  Incumbents may provide training and minimal lead work to lower level Transportation Maintenance Specialist 1s and 2s engaged in unskilled or semi-skilled manual tasks.


Depending upon assignment, the majority of duties may be concentrated in one of the following categories but are not limited to:


  1. Operates trucks, trailers and related equipment which require a CDL; hauls and dumps road maintenance and repair materials, including asphalt, rock, oil, dirt and culvert pipes; loads and transports road equipment.
  2. Performs and is responsible for lubrication and routine light maintenance of equipment; reports operating and repair problems to equipment shop supervisor or mechanics.
  3. May train other employees in their area of work in safe maintenance and repair methods, techniques, and in the setup and use of equipment.


  1. Inspects, maintains, and repairs the Canby Ferry and equipment; including motors, generators, and cable systems; maintains and repairs bridge and ferry maintenance tools and equipment; fabricates replacement parts.
  2. Constructs, maintains, and repairs concrete bridge structures.
  3. Maintains and repairs wood bridge structures; replaces pilings, braces, caps, stringers, flooring, hand and guard rails, fenders, and catwalks.
  4. Fabricates and welds structural steel; positions heavy bridge members; sandblasts and paints wooden and steel structures; installs water resistant membranes.
  5. Operates cranes, excavators and other heavy equipment for bridge maintenance and repair.
  6. Performs environmentally sensitive in-water work within regulated waterways.


  1. Operates equipment which requires a CDL; operates oil distributors; operates power equipment in the form of power shovels and backhoes; operates track-mounted or rubber tire tractors having more than 70 H.P.; operates breakdown and finish roller in finishing newly paved or patched highways; operates vactor truck to clean out catch basins.
  2. Operates bulldozers, tractors, excavators, power shovels and related equipment to load and move road materials; loads dump trucks, pavers and distributors; scrapes road surfaces; moves and removes dirt, rocks, brush and other debris; cleans ditches.
  3. Operates track hoe or Gradall to excavate dirt and other materials, dig ditches, rip asphalt, install culvert pipes, back fill trenches, cut road grade, clear brush and debris and widen roads.
  4. Operates graders to smooth and level gravel roadways, remove slides and contour roadways; operates chip spreader to spread rock chips; operates oil distributor for road sealing, and tack coating; operates pavers, and breakdown and finish rollers to apply asphalt and finish paved, patched and oiled roads.
  5. Participates in snow and ice removal; operates snow blower, loads, and applies sand, gravel, and deicer to roads; plows snow, and installs vehicle chains.
  6. Operates equipment for specialized road maintenance functions, such as the road profiler.
  7. Performs any other equipment operation or manual assignment of equal or less skills than those listed on the Transportation Maintenance Specialist 1 or 2 classifications.


  1. Paints and inspects lines, legends, arrows and other traffic markings; loads paint and reflective beads onto paint truck; selects appropriate paint color, line width or stencil for project; applies paint and regulates flow to ensure line quality and uniformity; installs, replaces and inspects reflective devices; drives paint truck; independently operates LineLazer; performs maintenance on paint truck and equipment such as cleaning paint guns, hoses, pumps and tanks.
  2. Responds to complaints and requests for new, additional or replacement signs, striping and markings from citizens and jurisdictions which contract for services; investigates specified location and identifies conditions, hazards and potential liability; reviews regulations regarding traffic markings and sign locations; recommends and implements solutions such as type and location of new sign or changing location of existing sign.
  3. Operates striper as driver.


Working knowledge of: Standard trade practices of rough carpentry, structural steel fabrication and welding, concrete pouring and finishing, sandblasting and painting; basic engineering terminology; basic math; record keeping techniques; basic maintenance and repair techniques of mechanical equipment, truck; public and customer service techniques.

Considerable knowledge of: Operation, maintenance and minor repairs of moderately complex automotive or road maintenance equipment; state laws pertaining to operation of motor vehicles and equipment on roads and highways.

Skill to: Perform specialized work to which assignment is made; perform manual work out-of-doors under adverse weather conditions; perform accurate skilled work from oral or written instructions with a minimum of supervision; operate vehicles and equipment effectively and safely; safely operate medium and heavy vehicles and equipment, including trucks, truck and trailer combinations, sanders and plows, tandem axle truck, boom truck, brush cutter, break down and finish roller, vactor, double and triple axle oil distributor, tandem axle flusher truck, snow blower, tractor/trailer, road grader and Gradall,  dozer, back hoe, loaders with buckets three (3) cubic yards and larger, athey loader, chip spreader and other road maintenance vehicles and equipment as assigned, crane, and back hoe; safely operate cutting torch, welding equipment, post hole digger, propane torch, hand and power tools and sign shop equipment; interpret road maps, schematics, and plans; enter and retrieve traffic signs and marking data using computer software and hardware.


Bridge Maintenance Positions: Duties require frequent walking, squatting, kneeling, bending, twisting, crawling, digging, climbing, reaching, grasping, fine motor control, and the ability to lift up to 100 pounds, carry up to 80 pounds, and push/pull 100 pounds. Duties also involve frequent exposure to loud noises, vibration, slippery and/or uneven surfaces, dust, fumes from exhaust, paint and welding, oil, hot asphalt, and chemicals, working at heights on scaffolding and under bridges over ditches, water or ravines, confined spaces under bridges, traffic and electrical hazards, and adverse weather conditions.

Road Maintenance Positions: Duties require frequent walking, squatting, kneeling, bending, twisting, balancing, digging, climbing, grasping, and the ability to lift and carry up to 80 pounds, and push/pull 100 pounds. Duties also involve frequent to continuous exposure to loud noises, vibration, slippery and/or uneven surfaces, exhaust fumes and dust, hot oil, asphalt, and chemicals, working at heights, traffic and electrical hazards, and adverse weather conditions including extreme temperatures.

Traffic Maintenance Positions: Duties require frequent crouching, kneeling, bending, twisting, balancing, reaching, climbing, grasping, fine motor control, and the ability to lift and carry up to 80 pounds. Duties also involve frequent exposure to paint fumes and dust, noise, vibration, adverse weather conditions, and hazardous conditions such as moving traffic, electrical hazards and working at heights on ladders.


Incumbents will perform after-hours emergency response on a call-out basis.

Must pass a pre-employment drug test.

Employment is contingent upon passing a post-offer physical assessment. Accommodation requests will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation.

Possession and maintenance of acceptable driving record in accordance with County’s Driving/Vehicle Policy. 

Positions within Traffic Maintenance require possession of a valid Class B Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with no restrictions in order to drive manual transmission and full air brake vehicles and the ability to obtain and possess the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Level 2 certification within two years of hire.

Positions within Road and Bridge Maintenance require possession of or ability to obtain a valid Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with no restrictions in order to drive manual transmission and with tank endorsement.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills.