Established: 07/09
Revised: 1/15
Re-titled: 2/16
FLSA: Non-Exempt
EEO: 8



Under general supervision, to schedule and oversee day-to-day operations for land application of biosolids; to operate medium and heavy trucks, including tank truck with four-wheel trailer; to operate solids handling equipment; to operate spray equipment to apply biosolids to agricultural land; and to do other work as required.


The Department of Water Environment Services manages and operates the County’s utility service districts, including sewerage facilities, collection systems, pumping stations, treatment plants and surface water management.

The Biosolids Technician 2 solicits and selects application sites for biosolids application, determines and schedules personnel and equipment for application and compiles periodic reports regarding program effectiveness and condition of vehicles and equipment. The incumbent also operates heavy duty diesel truck and trailer combinations to load, haul and unload liquids and dewatered biosolids for reuse at agricultural sites.

The Biosolids Technician 2 differs from the Biosolids Technician 1 that does not schedule personnel and equipment or make final inspections of application sites. It also differs from the Environmental Program Coordinator which serves as liaison with regulatory agencies and supports oversight responsibility for the reuse programs.


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Selects application sites for biosolids application in accordance with Federal and State regulations and Biosolids Management Plan; solicits agricultural disposal sites in accordance with environmental regulations.
  2. Conducts application of biosolids in accordance with Biosolids Management Plan; compiles daily and monthly data entry for all biosolids hauled and applied to application sites for both liquid and dewatered programs; maintains records of vehicle and equipment condition, repairs and readings of meters and gauges; maintains daily records of mileage, fuel consumption and related information in compliance with local, state and federal regulations; takes soil and water samples and records field conditions.
  3. Maintains effective public relations with landowners, neighbors and the public; explains biosolids application process; responds to complaints exercises considerable judgment in effectively removing trucks and other equipment mired in fields so that personal and real property of customers is not damaged or adversely affected.
  4. Inspects completed biosolids applications for proper method and quantity; ensures appropriate establishment of buffer areas.
  5. Monitors mechanical conditions of trucks and other equipment; reports needed non-routine repairs and maintenance to supervisor; performs routine maintenance and minor repair of vehicles and equipment operated; inspects trucks, trailers and related equipment for safety hazards and mechanical problems; coordinates repair and servicing; maintains vehicle condition and maintenance records; washes, cleans and otherwise maintains appearance of trucks and other equipment.
  6. Applies biosolids directly from tanker or with other application equipment; determines appropriate application pattern; operates medium and heavy-duty gas and diesel powered trucks, including tank trucks with four-wheeled trailer; operates solids handling equipment to prepare, process, load, transport and unload biosolids from wastewater treatment plants to agricultural fields; fills tanker trailer by pumping biosolids from holding tank; operates mobile field equipment; sets up irrigation pipes, hoses and guns; drives on urban streets and rural roads and highways; evaluates field conditions and operates field application equipment.
  7. Performs related skilled and semi-skilled tasks as assigned or required.


Working knowledge of: Basic principles and practices of personnel management, budgeting, purchasing and contract administration; mechanical operation, maintenance and repair of heavy duty trucks and trailer combinations; applicable State and Federal regulations pertaining to the reuse, application and disposal of biosolids; environmental, traffic and safety laws, regulations and codes, rules and regulations governing the operation of double and triple axle trucks and tanker trailers; methods, practices and equipment used in the land application of biosolids.

Skill to: Coordinate completion of projects within established budget and time guidelines; incorporate team participation in decision making; promote individual agreement and group consensus on issues and problems; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; understand and follow oral and written instructions; accurately document and compile reports pertaining to activities related to the processing, application, disposal and reuse of biosolides; safely and efficiently operate a variety of light and heavy duty trucks, including gasoline and diesel powered, and tanker trailers to haul liquid biosolids throughout the County in urban and rural traffic situations; safely and efficiently operate light and heavy duty trucks and trailers to haul solid waste grit to disposal site; safely and efficiently operate residuals processing equipment and equipment used to load and unload trucks, including pumps, hoists and irrigation systems; safely and effectively operate equipment used in the collection and treatment of wastewater and stormwater; evaluate field conditions and determine best method of operation and biosolids application; ensure uniform biosolids application on fields; clear truck and trailer combinations bogged down in fields or other difficult field situations or adverse weather conditions, using chains, winch and related tools; perform manual tasks and routine maintenance on diesel engines and truck and trailer chassis; analyze and resolve sometimes complex issues and problems associated with application of biosolids and customer service; perform all required tasks during inclement weather; establish and maintain effective working relationships with customers, neighbors, the public and County employees.


Duties require frequent driving, walking, squatting, bending, kneeling, twisting, shoveling, climbing, fine motor control, and the ability to lift up to 60 pounds, carry, and push/pull 90 pounds. Duties also involve frequent exposure to exhaust fumes and dust, loud noises, vibration, and adverse weather conditions.


Possession of valid Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with a tank endorsement and no restrictions in order to drive manual transmission.
Must pass a pre-employment drug test (DOT Regulations for CDL).

Employment is contingent upon passing a post-offer physical assessment. Accommodation requests will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills.

Edited: 08/17