Established: 06/05
Revised: 2/11
FLSA:  Exempt
EEO:  7



Under direction, to plan, schedule and supervise the inspection, maintenance, repair and operation of sewer lines, pump stations, remote package treatment facilities, storm drainage installations and related equipment, instruments and machinery; to supervise collection and surface water system maintenance personnel; and to do other work as required.


Water Environment Services manages and operates the County’s utility service districts, including sewage facilities, collection systems, pump stations, treatment plants and surface water infrastructure.

The Field Operations Supervisor is responsible for supervising and monitoring the operation and maintenance of the collection system, which transports wastewater from residences and commercial facilities to the treatment plants; and for the surface and storm water systems, which carry and store or detain drainage from developed properties into basins, ponds, creeks and other waterways. The incumbent schedules, coordinates and provides field and administrative support to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations regarding collection and surface water system management. The Field Operations Supervisor also performs, supervises and coordinates staff participating in work planning, training, problem solving, budgeting and personnel issues.

The Field Operations Supervisor differs from the Sanitary and Stormwater Technician which does not have regular, on-going supervisory, program planning and administrative support duties. It also differs from the Environmental Services Manager which has primary responsibility for all administrative and management aspects of operation, maintenance and repair activities.


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Supervises and directs the daily work of regular and temporary employees; plans, schedules, assigns and reviews work; approves absences and overtime; trains and provides technical assistance to staff; analyzes and resolves work problems; participates in personnel actions, including hiring, disciplinary action and performance evaluations; facilitates participation of team members in work activities.
  2. Develops, recommends and implements collection and surface water system operation and maintenance programs; develops preventive maintenance schedules and standards; oversees regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance; identifies maintenance and repair requirements; estimates project time and materials; prioritizes routine and emergency activities; reviews construction plans for system extensions for acceptance and conducts final inspections; assesses effectiveness of programs and procedures; recommends changes and improvements in verbal or written form for consideration/implementation.
  3. Participates as part of a multidisciplinary team of supervisory personnel responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of wastewater and surface water collection and treatment systems; develops and recommends annual work plan and budget, including contracted services; monitors and controls expenditures; oversees and coordinates special projects and contracted services; coordinates operations with other teams and personnel within and outside of the department; assists in the design and construction management of collection and surface water system components.
  4. Evaluates, recommends and purchases equipment and other materials; prepares, develops and reviews specifications for purchases, describing the characteristics of the items desired; contacts vendors to research and analyze information; coordinates with purchasing division regarding process for contract documents for bid invitations and requests for proposals.
  5. Ensures compliance with safety procedures and regulations; assists in planning and implementing safety and technical training programs; develops written procedures for maintenance activities; reviews safety concerns and suggestions.
  6. Maintains flow monitoring program; oversees installation and maintenance of flow monitoring and sampling equipment; selects sites for collection of data; analyzes data for various investigative and research purposes.
  7. Supervises the operation, inspection, maintenance, realignment, relocation and repair of surface and storm water installations, sewer lines, access holes, and pump station equipment, machinery and instruments; oversees, inspects and documents as-builts on new construction; directs main line tap-ins, utility locates and vector control initiatives; coordinates the generation of auxiliary power when needed, and organizes emergency bypass pumping or hauling with tanker trucks as needed.
  8. Provides quality public and customer service support to County operations and other municipalities; responds to and works to resolve complaints and inquiries; conducts facility tours and public information meetings; answers technical questions and explains surface water and wastewater collection and processing systems.


Working knowledge of: Basic principles and practices of personnel management, budgeting, purchasing and contract administration; structure and condition of all County surface water, storm water and sewage collection systems; Federal, state and County regulations applicable to sewage collection system operations and construction specifications; methods, machinery and equipment used in the construction, operation, inspection, maintenance and repair of surface water and wastewater collection systems and components; environmental, occupational and health safety practices, rules and regulations; wastewater and storm water sampling techniques; basic technical engineering practices used in the construction and inspection of surface water and wastewater facilities; math, algebra and geometry; English grammar, spelling and punctuation; microcomputer applications in surface water and wastewater collection data and programmable logic controllers; public and customer service techniques.

Skill to: Schedule, supervise, coordinate and evaluate the work performed by assigned personnel and contractors; supervise and train assigned personnel in maintenance and customer service practices; monitor and coordinate completion of projects within established budget and time guidelines; incorporate team participation in decision making; promote individual agreement and group consensus on issues and problems; prepare and maintain accurate records and technical reports; develop plans, schedules and cost estimates for sewage collection operation and maintenance projects; interpret blueprints, plans, specifications and technical manuals; inspect surface water and sewage collection systems for deficiencies; analyze statistical records and data trends and prepare reports; utilize computerized equipment effectively; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with customers, contractors, vendors, County employees and the public.


Duties involve some exposure to bacteria, viruses and toxins in wastewater, chemicals, exhaust fumes, and dust, loud noises, and vibration. Some duties involve exposure to adverse weather conditions and hazardous locations, such as streets, live sewers, confined underground areas and on elevated platforms.


Within three (3) months of hire, possession of Oregon Confined Space Entry and Oregon Competent Person certifications.

Within six (6) months of hire, possession of Wastewater Collection System Operation Certification, Grade Level IV, issued by the State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

Incumbents may perform after-hours emergency response on call-out basis.

Driving is required for County business on a regular basis or to accomplish work. Incumbents must possess a valid driver's license, and possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment.


Any satisfactory combination of experience and training that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and skills. Desirable qualifications include: Oregon Competent Person certification; Oregon Confined Space Entry certification; CPR/First Aid certification.

Edited: 07/16