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Clackamas Industrial Area

The Industrial Center of Clackamas County

The Situation

The area now known as the Clackamas Industrial Area was blighted, suffering from deficient public facilities, streets and roads. Flooding from poor storm drainage, traffic congestion and inadequate firefighting facilities detracted from the area’s ability to provide employment opportunities and support ongoing economic development.

The Response

In 1984, drawing upon extensive conversations with area businesses and agencies, district goals were set to strengthen existing businesses and attract new ones to support a vital, intensive employment center.

The urban renewal district was established to:

The Results

The goals have been met. Area improvements due to urban renewal include:

Just the Facts

Established: 1984

Levy Terminated: 2006

Size: 2,173 acres

Frozen Assessed Value: $263 million

2006 Assessed Value: $699 million

Assessed Value Added: $436 million

Maximum Indebtedness: $44.8 million

Jobs Created: 20,270

New Businesses: 346

In Summary

There are now more than 100 businesses in the Clackamas Industrial Area, including Jennifer Trucking, Health Wright Products, MP Plumbing, Warn Industries and Metro Tractor.

OIW—Oregon Iron Works, Inc., a leader in the fabrication and manufacturing industry, located its corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing facility here.

A new firefighting facility was built on 130th Avenue.

With the help of urban renewal, the problems of flooding, traffic congestion and lack of firefighting facilities have been eliminated.

The area is a regional distribution, warehousing and wholesale trade center.

In Addition

The plan was implemented with an awareness of other community needs. In 2001 the size of the urban renewal area was reduced by half since most of the urban renewal projects had been completed. This added $253.5 million in new value to the tax rolls for use by other local service providers.

The urban renewal area stopped collecting tax increment revenue on June 30, 2006.

The result of urban renewal was to take an area plagued by traffic problems and flooding and turn it into an area that created new jobs for local residents through the siting of businesses including the Oregon Iron Works, Inc. corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing facility.

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