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North Clackamas Revitalization Area

An Affordable Residential Neighborhood

The Situation

The established neighborhoods inside the North Clackamas Revitalization Area (NCRA) are among the more affordable places to live in Clackamas County, but the area has economic and public safety challenges. The long-term problem of lack of sewers (over 50% of the area did not even have access to a sewer system) and a need to maintain affordable housing options were identified by local residents through an extensive public outreach process.

The Response

In 2006, the plan, developed with input and support from local residents and community organizations, identified projects to improve the area’s livability including public utilities, parks and open spaces, public buildings and facilities, street, curb and sidewalk improvements, streetscape and neighborhood beautification, and the preservation/rehabilitation and development/redevelopment of housing and commercial property.

The urban renewal district was primarily established to:

The Results

Though this urban renewal district is only five years old, there has already been considerable progress:

Just the Facts

Established: 2006

Levy Terminated: 2031

Size: 1,008 acres

Frozen Assessed Value: $398 million

2009-10 Assessed Value: $461 million

New Growth In Assessed Value: $64 million

Maximum Indebtedness: $87 million

Assessed Value Added: $138 million

Jobs Created: 90

Sanitary Sewer Line: 1000,000 ft.

In Summary

The NCRA is on its way to becoming a safe, clean and affordable neighborhood with expanded and improved retail, residential, educational, transportation and recreational opportunities.

Additional project activities support efforts to provide:

The result of the NCRA will be a strong, stable neighborhood for families and small businesses. New communiy amenities are being planned, including Hawthorne Park on the corner of King Road and 75th. The Fuller Road Station Area now includes a “station community” plan to redevelop with a denser street network and a mix of housing, office, institutional and commercial uses.

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