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Workforce Character

We're committed to not only the professional development of our workforce, but its character as well. This means we want to maintain a set of core values that give us a discernible identity and personality.

Our goal is to communicate, train, and hold accountable employee performance based on our core values as modeled through a commitment to a prescribed set of customer rights.

Our Core Values

Clackamas County employees work to serve the public and enrich our community. In that spirit, we pledge to hold ourselves to these standards at all times in our interactions with customers and with one another. Our Core Values

Using acronym SPIRIT, which stands for Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Respect, Individual Accountability and Trust, we pledge to hold ourselves accountable to these standards at all times with regard to our interactions with customers and each another.

Customer Bill of Rights

We've established a set of customer rights. These informal rights are prescribed so as to give the public confidence that our Core Values are designed to be experienced by customers in terms of service and relationship building. Customer Bill of Rights

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