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Amazing New Beginnings

Do you have comments or a story about Clackamas County Dog Services?

If so we'd love to hear them! Some might even end up on our webpage. You can send a picture and your comments/story along with the date you adopted or lost your petto or mail them to us at:

Dog Services "Happy Endings"
13141 SE Highway 212
Clackamas, OR 97015


RugerI adopted my baby about two years ago. I was looking for my very own dog, one I could bond with, one I could love unconditionally. I had been looking for a dog for a good month before I found the Clackamas dog shelter off of hwy 212, I went in with my father and my boyfriend and as we looked at the dogs I couldn't find a match, none were right, until I stumbled upon this little guy, laying in his dog bed, a little bit sad and right there I knew he was the dog for me. I remember the lady telling me he was a jumper and that he was a hyper dog, but meeting him he didn't show any of these characteristics. When I brought him home he met his two best friends, Bullet and Henry and later on he met his other best friend Charlie. He is now one of the most happiest dogs you'll ever meet he's gained a healthy weight, he is definitely a jumper (he can jump to my shoulders) and he realizes that he has a new family that he will always be safe with. So thank you Clackamas dog shelter for bringing our family such a joy in our life and such a joy into his.
- Tara and Ruger<3


HermanHello!  My name is Karen Duns and I wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed my experience adopting my dogs from Clackamas County Dog Services. I came into the shelter in November looking for a good sized dog as my old chocolate lab/Chesapeake retriever had died in June, and I was finally ready for another dog (just didn't seem like home without a dog in the house.)

I browsed the shelter and took a couple of dogs outside (Weinmariner, Lab) but neither seemed right (didn't like cats, or something that just didn't fit.) I really had my heart set on a big dog I could go running with, like my old guy. Then I ran into Kim, who asked me if I'd ever thought of a small dog. (I hadn't, and always thought of small dogs as yappy old people dogs.) She said I needed to look at this little guy named Herman. She took us into one of the meet and greet rooms, and brought in Herman. He looked like a rat terrier, but a little lower to the ground. Kim said he's good with cats and then proceeded to show me how smart he was (he could dance on cue, twirling in a circle, roll over, sit up pretty and speak on command.) She told me little dogs are just the same as big dogs, just smaller. I couldn't believe this smart little guy was living in a shelter. That was it, I went out and filled out an application, and came back a few days later to pick him up. I bought him a leash and collar from the wall and gave it to one of the gals that went to get Pee Wee (what we now call him in addition to Herman.) He came out looking like the happiest dog; he knew he was going to be leaving!

He had to adjust to our family life; for some reason he didn't like men very much. But the second night at home he jumped up on the bed sometime during the night, and burrowed under the covers. He's been that close to me ever since. He also loves my son, who can pick him up and fly him around, and Pee Wee loves it. He naps up in my sons room during the days, while he is home from college. He learned that the cats were here first, and not to be messed with. And he visits my Mom a lot at the assisted living facility she lives in, and she thinks he's the greatest.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much it means to me to have Pee Wee. And it was because Kim took the time to explain to me that just because he's small didn't make him less of a dog. I had my eyes opened that day.

Actually, the experience was so great that I ended up adopting another dog (Moses, my big chocolate lab running buddy) who Pee Wee totally dominates. And I appreciated the shelter so much, I decided to volunteer, which I have been doing every Sunday for the last month or so. Kim also works Sundays and has shown me everything I know about working there. I think I'm about up to my 20 hours, and hope to do my level 2 training soon so I can handle the dogs and give them some time outside.

Anyway, please know that you have gem in Kim. She absolutely made me love my dog and the shelter. Thanks!

Karen Duns


YoyoThis May we adopted Yo-Yo (formally known as Joe-Joe) .He has been an eager learner and a joy to have! His world has opened up with such genuine appreciation. Timid no more! We even had to teach him how to play and enjoy his doggie toys. Yo-Yo is my shop dog in my business. He doesnt bark and he is learning socializing with people. Everyone loves him!

I have always felt that we are caregivers in an animal's life. We do not "own" Yo-Yo, as much as he owns our hearts! The wonderful staff at Clackamas Co. Dog Services made the adoption process a breeze. So much information was given us on what to expect as well as what to do during the transition into our home.

Yo-Yo being a strange yet delightful cross of Doxie/Rottie has us laughing at his antics. His devotion is unconditional. We will be here for him unconditionally as well. Our "Rottie low rider" is perfect!

Support your shelter and adopt! It's the best thing that will ever happen to you and the dog!

Annie Howden & Chuck Nance


We were all grieving the loss of our 14 year old beagle Maddie after she died in August, 2010. Our beagle Sissy was lost and lonely, so we started looking for a new beagle to bring into our family and we found Libby. Formerly known as Pebbles, Libby came home to Bend with us on October 2, 2011. Her ‘beagle sister’ Sissy is so happy to have a playmate. They are about the same age and run and play in the yard, sleep on their bed near the warm woodstove, and have become very good at ‘sitting’ together for treats. We adopted Sissy from a private party when she was 14 months old, so we know the joy of beagle adoption. Our Libby is a true beagle. We understand and love the breed. Adopting Libby from the Clackamas County Animal Shelter has been a very rewarding experience. The adoption process was very organized and the staff was so helpful. They knew we had a three hour drive home with our new girl and took care of us as quickly as possible. While we were there we donated three dog beds to the shelter. We are fortunate to have Libby in our lives. She is just what we all needed and we look forward to many happy years with her!

Mark , Laurie, Sissy, Libby and Ginger (the cat)


This is Rooney, you knew him as Sampson. We adopted him in July, 2010-and are so happy to have him in our little family. It was thought that Rooney did not bark, he proved that fact to be false as soon as he got out of the car! He has an authoritative bark, happy/playful disposition, and loves loves loves to cuddle with his mom and dad. He started off sleeping in his own crate/bed, and has talked us into letting him sleep in what is now, the "famiily bed. Rooney loves to go on walks, runs, and has more toys then he knows what to do with. He has got to meet and play with his cousins, is a great guard dog/alarm system, and his favorite activity is to be right in the middle of whatever is going on in his house. We don't know what we would do with out him, and we are pretty sure he feels the same way about his new family!

- Jessica, Brad and Rooney


Bella and DoriHappy New year!

Well, it is for our darling girl that we adopted from you on December 23, 2010.

We named her Isabella (Bella for short).

She is doing great and gets along with everyone in the household.

She wasn't sure about the parrot but now ignores the bird even when he is calling out "Here Kitty, Kitty" or asks the dogs if they "Have to go potty."

Bella wasn't sure where the voice was coming from at first, was pretty funny watching her trying to figure it out.

Bella is working on potty training, I guess a couple months in a kennel would throw a girl off on her house manners. No accidents in the last couple of days.

Has anyone mentioned Bella's bark? I am pretty sure her orignal owners had her debarked, because it is the most pathetic sound ever and is not really a bark.

I never did learn how Bella came to the shelter, is there any info on that?

Once again ......Happy New Year!!!

Thank you so very much for our darling girl.

- Dori



We adopted Rosko, formerly Yuletide, from the OHS Second Chance Program on New Year's Eve. We know he was at Clackamas County for awhile before his stay at OHS. He is very well behaved, the sweetest dog ever and the perfect addition to our family. Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who helped to care for him while he was with you!



We adopted Moose (formerly Sirus) a pit bull mix into our home mid June 2010. Moose is a great addition to our family, everyone has fallen in love with him. He loves to go on car rides and sits & stays beautifully in the car. He has had great indoor manners from the start and has learned to walk nicely on a leash. My husband and I could not be happier to have him as part of our family and look forward to many years with him. We wanted to especially thank the young women who worked with him at the shelter for providing him (and us) the foundations of obedience training he needed.

Thanks -
Justin & Amanda


As the holidays approach, I have been reflecting on all of the things that have happened in my life this year. I wanted to write to let you know how I am doing, and to thank you for everything you have done for me (with the help of mom of course).

Moving in with my new family on March 27th, 2010 was one of the best days of my life so far. I have a loving mother and father, and even a sister! My sister and I love each other very much. We cuddle at night when I get scared (she’s much braver than I am), and we love to lay in front of the fireplace at home in the evenings. Sometimes mom gets down and cuddles with us. She calls us her personal heaters. Mom and dad’s neighbor loves us almost as much as mom and dad, and she sneaks us treats sometimes, and even takes us on walks in the afternoons when the weather is nice.

Mom and dad take us on lots of trips. Not long after I moved in with them, they took Lily (my sister) and me to the beach. We had a great time. They took us down onto the beach and we got to play fetch. I chased the seaweed on the beach and caught it, but it tasted horrible, so I quickly spit it out. That didn’t stop me from chasing the next piece that I saw blowing in the wind however, and it made mom laugh. In October, for grandpa’s birthday, we went to Sisters, Oregon. We stayed in a cabin in the woods with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and Aunt Jessica, and we got to take nature walks every day. We went fishing, and Lily and I discovered how cold the water was when we jumped in the pond. There was a craft fair in town that weekend, and we got to walk around and meet all sorts of new people and dogs. I love going out with my family!

I hope you all are happy and healthy. Like I said, I just wanted to let you know how I am doing. I love my new family and life, and can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to find them. I will always remember you! Thank you and happy holidays!

Cassie Sonnen


My name is Lily and I'm a 4 year old Chihuahua. I was a stray until my family adopted me. The picture is of me and my owner Ashtyn. I enjoy cuddling at night on my special blanket, chewing on raw hide strips, and going to Pet Smart and other stores I can walk around in. My animal family includes Kayti (cat) and Alice & Rosalie (goats). I'm a happy Chihuahua at my new home.


Hello all!
My name is Shirley and I was a stray female bichon brought to you last summer. I wanted to write (with the help of my new owner, Lisanne) and tell you all that I have been up to since I was adopted.

I am very happy here in my new home in Cottage Grove Oregon and I am quite spoiled. I have my very own toy basket which I repeatedly tip over to get at the toys. My owners pick up my toys every night and I have to play with each one throughout the day. Wouldn't it be easier to just leave them out?

I also go on long walks every day with my new dad, Paul. He has really long legs so I stay in great shape keeping up!
I have a 12 year old human friend named Leelah. She and I love to race around the house at top speed. I think the object of this game is to see how loud I can bark and how many rugs I can spin in the process. Currently my record is 5 rugs in one trip around! Awesome huh?!
While Leelah is at school I take long naps on my mommy's (Lisanne) legs while she types and works on her computer. I have been known to fall asleep there for hours on end! My objective here is to see if I can make her legs fall asleep then giggle when she gets up and falls over!

Oh, the joys of a Bichon!!!

I want to tell you all, thank you for treating so well, feeding me yummy food, and getting me healthy while I was at the pound. I have enclosed a picture of me and my mom showing you just how darn cute I look after I am groomed! Darn those bows!



I once thought that I was part of a forever family, but after seven years my former humans brought me to the shelter and left me there! You can imagine that I was broken-hearted and terrified. I’d never been away from a nice home, except a few stays at nice kennels, and then… The people at the shelter were afraid of me because I would snarl at anyone who came near my kennel. Things were looking pretty bad because I was almost 10-years-old, too.

Then, just a few weeks before Christmas, 2009, a very dog-loving couple came into the shelter and met me. They were both willing to play ball and pet me, and I sort of liked them right away. Imagine my surprise when I was not taken back to my kennel, but to their car instead! Yes, I was scared again, but not for long. They took me to their den and let me sleep on their bed (which was good because I was having nightmares). Both of the humans have something called “disabilities,” and I took right up in learning how to help them. They soon talked about how we all were helping each other, and I felt like I really belonged to a pack. It was great!

Now I get to do things I never dreamed about before. I get to take lots of rides in the car (my old humans told the shelter people that I get carsick!), go exploring lots of places with incredible new smells (I really like Division Street), and I am not left alone all day. Best of all, we play a lot of my favorite game, slimeball (which is “fetch” with a tennis ball), sometimes five or six times a day. At 10-and-a-half, I have my good days and slow days, but our pack makes them all seem good. My pack really loves me, and I am so happy to be with them.

My people are so happy to have found me that they became volunteers at CCDS in June, so they can help as many other dogs as possible find their forever families. I am so glad they do this, because it gives me time to rest a bit. If those people had their own way, I think they’d have me playing and exploring and riding around all day long! And them being “semi-retired” and all.

Lexi Dog, TS and RGS


My name is Annie, and I am a border collie-cattle dog mix. I found my forever family way back in 2003 when my person found me at the old CCDS building in Oregon City. She and I are made for each other. She likes to snuggle on the couch, and so do I. She likes taking long walks, especially near the river, and so do I. She likes being clean and takes lots of showers, and so do I. She likes taking rides in the car, and so do I. Why, we even share similar tastes in food, friends, and movies on DVD.

There is one little thing I do that she does not share with me… I love to get wet and then roll around in the sand at the beach, especially if there is a dead fish to roll over! Wow, what a perfume! But my lady must be allergic or something, because as soon as we get home, she gives me a bath. I LOVE baths! They are way more fun than showers.

Now I am seven (human years) and going strong. I have several good doggie friends, and my lady makes sure we all have lots of time to play together. My lady has told me many times how important I have been in her life, and I have told her how much she has meant to me, too. I just hope she understands the nuances of dog-talk.

Being in the shelter was scary at first, but the people there treated me really great and helped me get ready to meet my lady when she finally found me. I’d like the dogs who are at CCDS now to know that the humans there are really working hard to help your forever families find you, and have you ready to go when they do. Thank you CCDS for helping my lady and me become a wonderful forever family!

Annie and MB


We adopted Kol (Onyx when adopted) June 18th. We were lucky that the 1st family dropped out of the running to adopt this sweet loving lab – he’s amazing!! He has immediately captured our hearts and has become a welcomed addition to our family. The day we adopted Kol, he went camping for the weekend and had a blast! Since then, he’s enjoyed more camping trips, hiking and a new hobby, geo-caching! With no children in the home, Kol’s new mom and dad have lots of time to play ball, go on walks and try out all kinds of doggie treat recipes for his Kong toys. He’s enjoying life while learning new tricks and training very well.
I’ve included a picture of Kol on a picnic with us this last weekend.

Thank you for all you do!!



hi! we adopted Rowan, now named Bruce, under 2 mos ago and we are all in love! it goes to show what amazing dogs you can find at a shelter- he was a stray that came to the pound in the middle of the night, poor guy! he has all of the training- he sits and stays, doesnt bark, plays ball, walks well on a leash, plays well with others, doesnt need to be crated and is so great overall. we are so happy, thank you for our new family member!!!


My husband and I adopted Sparky on February 27, 2010, and he is doing great! He seems to be adjusted to our routine now and is really enjoying his new life with plenty of walks, exercise, and even running with me. He just finished his first Beginning Obedience training class, and we might take him to more classes as well. He loves learning and is enjoying the challenge of new things. His leash walking has really improved, he sits and waits at the door before we go out, he can roll over on command, and he is learning to play fetch with tennis balls. He is a little lovebug and enjoys affection and especially tummy rubs.

He is a great dog and we are happy to have adopted him from Clackamas Dog Services. We hope that all of your dogs find wonderful homes, and we wish you all the best. I've included a few photos so that you can see how he is doing :)

Thank you,
Hope H.


Probably too many pictures... but Bela is a joy.

I don't have the time to volunteer regularly right now, but if you ever need someone to recommend senior dogs, just let me know! Or for an adoption outreach day.

Thanks for the great dogs!


I adopted my newest, most wonderful addition to our family on November 28, 2009. (She is in the center of the picture) I had been looking for an older dog to add to the two we already have and I came upon a sad little girl named "June". She was a dog that would easily have been passed over and she was a mess. I brought my grandchild to see her and I fell in love. She was smelly, had overly long hair, long nails, and cowered when we met.

I took her from the shelter to my groomer and it was as though a Cinderella from the dog world appeared! She was beautiful! I brought her home to be with "the boys" and she fit in like she had always been there. It took a while for her to open up, but she is now coming out of her shell and running with the boys to greet us when we come home.

I call her my "Velcro dog" because she is everywhere I am. She also has an affinity for my grandchild and they are always together. It is hard to imagine that such a dear dog could end up at the shelter. I look at her all the time and give thanks that she is cozy in our home for the rest of her life. I don't know why I zeroed in on a dog like her, but we were meant to be. I have re-named her "Oma", which means "grandma" in German. She and I will grow old together and I thank the kind people at Clackamas for making this possible.

Many Thanks!


I just wanted to let you know that our new dog (Mico) we call her and my husband and very happy together !! Please see attached picture, she is a wonderful, very well behaved and loved dog!

We even contacted the owner because we found an add for missing dog in our neighborhood and he didn't want her back, can you believe that!

Thank You
Dennis & Jennifer St.Clair


Gracie has been returned home. Her posting was seen by Brie from Beaverton and Brie took her straight home.

Thank you for maintaining the website. Gracie is home, safe and getting her medication because of the great work you do and the kindness of a stranger.

Dave And Kay Bower


Thank you for your services. I called today to report that my dog, Roxie, had been found. Your site, however, was able to confirm my lost dog with the vet's office. A fellow Canby dog owner found her on Saturday and her teenaged kids took care of her as she lived as a family member with the two BIG dogs they owned, until this morning. The dog owner took her to her vet (who happened to be mine, as well) Upon confirming her AVID ID chip information and using your site to look for reported lost dogs, they were able to ascertain that it was their own "patient" and contacted me to let me know she was there, safe and sound.

Thank you for your quick response in posting her "lost". The services provided helped us. My vet's assistant immediately recognized her, but your services allowed positive confirmation.

Thank you again

One happy Dog Mom!!!!


Hey There:

We adopted Bella as you called her but now her name is TESSAA, and she has really enriched our lives and hearts. We go for walks and to the dog park, what an experience that was. Tessaa has made new friends with all our grandchildren.

Jerry and Beth Lehman


Diosa Just thought I’d send you guys a couple pictures of our girls. Diosa (the one we adopted) is on the left and Kahlua (our original Ratweiler) is on the right. The girls played very hard this weekend, and needed a nap… Neither are spoiled…. Diosa is doing very well… When we adopted her, she had been roaming around Sherwood for almost a month and went from 4lbs to a now 7lbs in the last year. She fits in VERY well in the house, and is now litter box trained, because neither of the girls like the rain. We still wonder why no one looked for her, or tried to get her back. She’s an AWESOME little dog. Kahlua and Diosa both share a 4x8 pen during work hours and most times can be found after work in the same bed under the covers together. They are best buds!!! Diosa now knows sit and lay down. She’s very smart and learned the two tricks about a month ago in about 3 days in 20 minutes total. She’s definitely our girl. If others come over or we take the girls to my mom’s house, she’s on my lap, following me, or laying under my chair. She’s great with my 4 year old niece and my 12 year old sister. My sister has two Chihuahuas also so they all 4 get to play together and go to the park. She loves clothes, chasing the cats, treats, going bye-bye, and talking. She’s very much a talker. They go for “Spa Day” at PetSmart, and Diosa’s very good with groomers, and vets. We LOVE her! Thanks for a wonderful dog!


Gilbert …he felt that it would be to hard on his little body at this point and he did give me a medical release to get him his license. He also told me that he has the doggy version of Cushings disease and that his walk is due to him not having kneecaps where they should be…throw in a little arthritis and some allergies and the little fella has a plate full. But you wouldn’t know it to look at him…he gets out in the yard with the rest of the dogs and barks and protects the place from all manner of people, cats, birds, paper, etc…I have him on a high end dog food and add allergy drops to it twice a day. And we’ve bought him several sweaters to keep him warm. He has the sweetest disposition despite everything and just goes along with what everyone is doing, thank you for this little angel.

Kathy King



I adopted Libby aka "Josie" January 20, 2009. I cannot begin to tell you the happiness she brings me. Libby is the most affectionate, loving and gentle soul. It had been 6 years since my last dog passed away so I really needed something special to fill that void..........well I sure got it with Libby! She loves to play and acts goofy as a puppy should. She has adapted very well to her 3 kitty house mates and loves to run around and play with her 2 cousins, chocolate labs Blue & Cooper. I still cannot believe she ended up at the pound. She is so smart and knew so many commands when I got her not to mention housebroken! I feel VERY lucky to have found her, or should I say lucky she found me and could not image life without her. Thanks to all of your staff and for making this a very "Happy Ending" for Libby.

S. Wiley



I adopted Brodi nearly two years ago. Those at the shelter will remember him as Fosbury; he's an unforgetable dog! He was nearly at the end of his time. One of the gals there was desperately trying to find a place for him as he is such a nice dog. I came in looking for an older dog, I thought, who'd do well with the old husky mix we already had.

At two, Brodi wasn't exactly 'older', but he was so friendly and beautiful, we took him home. And oh, my goodness!! We're so lucky to have him as a member of our family. I started him in agility training nearly a year ago and what an experience that's been! Because he's very athletic and focused, he's moved along at an incredible pace. He's learning faster than I am and makes me look good at trials - well, we've done two! He's excelled in his class and for those who know agility, he's qualified at his level. He is absolutely dog friendly, luckily for the pitbull pup (in the picture of two dogs, she's the lighter, smaller one) my son got and passed along to me. (He didn't have an appropriate place for her to live.) She's so exuberant and eager to play rough, but Brodi has remained patient with her - and it's been a year! I just can't say enough about the good qualities of this amazing dog. Some might say that he's lucky we chose him, but I'd say an angel was looking over my shoulder that day at the shelter and I'm the lucky one. Thank you, folks at the shelter, for saving him for us. I can't imagine why someone gave him up, but happily for us, they did. We love him so much.

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