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Thank you for adding your lost or found dog!

It has been sent to Dog Services and will be placed up as soon as it has been reviewed. Please be patient, and remember not to resubmit your lost or found dog's information, as it may result in multiple listings. Your lost or found dog information will stay up for 2 months and then be removed. If at that time your dog is still missing or has not yet been claimed, please resubmit the information.


  • If you have an image to go with your lost or found ad, please send it to us
    You can send images by fax, mail, or email. Click HERE to find out how.
  • When you find your dog or it is returned to its owner:
    Remember to contact us so we can remove the information you entered. You can call us at 503-655-8628 or email us at
  • Do NOT resubmit your dog
    Please be patient, your dog will show up as soon as your entry has been reviewed. We wish you luck in finding your dog.
  • Don't give up!
    Sometimes just calling shelters in your area is NOT enough. No one knows your dog better then you, so visit the shelters with a color picture of your dog and look at the dogs they have.

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