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Dog Adoption Application

Thank you for considering adopting a pet from the Clackamas County Dog Shelter. Please complete this application. You must be at least 18 years old to adopt. This application is used as a tool to help find the best possible home for the animal and the best possible match for your home and lifestyle.

Clackamas County Dog Services
Animal Adoption On-line Application

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Own Rent Other

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House Apartment Mobile Home Other

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Indoors Outdoors In/Out

Fence Dog Run Trolley Stake in the Ground

Yourself Relative Friend Child

Return/Exchange Policy
If you are unable to keep this dog, you will be required to return the dog to our shelter.
You may return the dog within 90 days for a refund.
If you return the dog after 90 days, you will be required to pay a $40.00 surrender fee.

1. All dogs adopted from Clackamas County Dog Services are implanted with a microchip.

  • Registration of that microchip is a part of your adoption process.
  • The cost is $20.00.

Yes No

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Each application requires a $10.00 Non-Refundable deposit applied to your adoption fees when you find your perfect pet within 6 months of date of application. By clicking on "Make Non-Refundable Deposit" below, I certify that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that falsification of information can be cause for denial of my application.  I agree to sign and abide by the adoption agreement.


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