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Poison Awareness Calendar

Certain products of concern and the time of the year when cases are most prevalent.

January – Alcoholic beverages
With all the New Year’s Eve parties and celebrations, we need to be sure pets do not treat themselves to left over cocktails. They could face the risk of injury, or even death.

February – Chocolate
Valentine’s Day is the time for giving gifts of candy, and this is very tempting for pets. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which are toxic to animals.

March – Cleaning agents
Spring cleaning can be very hazardous time for pets. Many of our popular cleaning agents can be harmful to pets. Please follow all label instructions, and keep pets away from freshly cleaned areas until dry.

April – Lilies and Chocolate
Easter brings beautiful lilies and Easter candy. Unfortunately, all lilies are toxic to cats. Consuming one leaf can lead to kidney failure and death. Please keep all lily plants out of reach.

May – Flea & Tick products
You need to follow all label instructions carefully. The recommended dosage for adult dogs and cats is usually different for puppies and kittens. Also never use a product on cats that’s labeled for dogs only.

June – Home & garden
Be careful on using fertilizer or herbicides. Chemicals containing methomyl, disulfoton, metaldehyde, or zinc phosphide are ESPECIALY toxic to animals.

July – Firecrackers
Keep all fireworks away from animals. Left over duds and unburned portions of firecrackers can contain toxic material.

August – school supplies
Batteries, markers, paints, pencils, and glue can be very hazardous targets for pets.

September – Rat Poison
With the onset of cold weather, rats and mice start to look for a warm place to call home. Before laying down the rat poison, consider carefully where you will place it. Remember, all animals will eat these products, not just the rodents.

October – Anti-freeze
With the first frost beginning in October, many of us will winterize our vehicles. Anti-freeze has a sweet taste that pets enjoy, but ingestion can be extremely dangerous.

November – Holiday dinner
Do not give your pets leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. Many pets used to fatty food, and bones can cause numerous problems.

December – Holiday Decorations
Holly and mistletoe, along with snacks and macadamia nuts can be toxic to pets. As nice as they are to smell, liquid potpourri can cause damage to your pet’s mouth, esophagus and GI tract when ingested.

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