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Clackamas County Family Violence Coordinating Council (FVCC)

Provides an inter-agency forum for developing, implementing and assessing a coordinated response to domestic violence in Clackamas County. The FVCC is part of a county-wide effort to provide for the safety and well being of victims and accountability of abusers to reduce incidences of domestic violence. Contact the Domestic Violence Coordinator (503) 650-5685

The work of the Council will be guided by Council members’ shared commitment to:

  • The right of all people to live free from family violence or the threat of violence;
  • Recognition of the public responsibility of government to prevent family violence and to enact and enforce laws and policies which protect victims of violence;
  • Recognition that cooperation and coordination among public and private resources is essential to effectively address family violence; and
  • Recognition that efforts to address the issues of family violence must be culturally appropriate, based in respect for all individuals and the desire to build a rich multicultural society.

For more details about the role of the council, membership requirements or other information, please contact:

Domestic Violence Coordinator
Clackamas County Children, Youth & Families Division

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