Temporary Assistance

This program provides temporary financial help to families whose safety is at risk due to domestic violence (DV). This is often when a survivor and her children are fleeing or at high risk for further abuse.

TADVS can help with up to $1200.00 over a 90 day period. Payments are given directly to the landlord or other service provider. The program can help with:

  • Housing related payments when there is or has been a DV situation. (deposits, rents, utilities)
  • Relocation costs. (moving costs, other travel costs)
  • Replacement of personal or household items left behind when the survivor and children have fled if items are not available from another source. (clothing, hygiene items, essential furniture)
  • Purchase of items that help address safety. (new locks, motion detectors, P.O. Boxes)

If there is a current safety risk due to DV, a survivor may apply for assistance more than once a year. These requests are staffed with the central office policy analyst. The analyst will help the field staff identify any gaps in previous planning around safety.

A person fleeing from DV, trying to stay safe from DV, or whose safety is at risk because of DV or the threat of DV is eligible for this program. The person must also:

  • Be a parent or relative caring for a minor child or a pregnant woman;
  • Meet the income criteria for the program (this program looks only at income on hand that is available to meet any emergency needs); AND
  • Be a resident of Oregon.

To apply, contact your local DHS Self-Sufficiency office. You can find a list of local offices at www.oregon.gov/DHS/localoffices/index.shtml. Look under Children, Adults and Families for the closest self-sufficiency office. The Clackamas County offices are:

North Clackamas Self-Sufficiency Office
16440 SE 82nd Drive
Clackamas OR 97015

Oregon City Self-Sufficiency Office
315 S. Beavercreek Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045