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One of the instructions you may be given in an emergency is to shelter-in-place to protect you from chemical contamination or other outdoor hazards.

If you are told to shelter-in-place:

  • Go in… Stay in… Tune in…
  • Take your children and pets indoors immediately. (While gathering your family, you can provide a minimal amount of protection to your breathing by covering your mouth and nose with a damp cloth.)
  • Close and lock all windows and exterior doors
  • Turn off all fans, heating and air conditioning systems
  • Close the fireplace damper
  • Go to an above ground room (not the basement) with the fewest windows and doors
  • Take your Disaster Supplies Kit and a radio with you
  • Wet some towels and jam them in the crack under the doors
  • Use duct tape to seal the cracks around doors and windows
  • Cover any exhaust fans or vents using plastic sheeting or garbage bags
  • Listen to your radio or television for further instructions or updates
  • Remain inside until you are told it is safe

If in your car:

  • Pull over to the side of the road
  • Turn off the engine
  • Close windows and vents
  • If possible, seal the heating/air conditioning vents with duct tape
  • Listen to the radio regularly for updated advice and instructions
  • Stay where you are until you are told it is safe to get back on the road

Content provided by Emergency Management

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