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Salmon River (Arrah Wanna Blvd) Bridge Replacement

Transportation Engineering Bridge Replacement Project

Project Description: Remove and replace the existing one lane bridge with a new two lane bridge. The new structure will span the full 140 foot width of the Salmon River. The new bridge will have two 10 foot wide lanes, a two foot wide shoulder on one side and a 5 foot wide shoulder on the other side. Permanent relocation of utility poles and lines will be required.

Updated: 01/06/14

Status: Construction is complete!

Accelerated Schedule: Construction is complete one year ahead of the original projected schedule!

  • Spring 2013: Construction Start
  • Summer 2013: Build detour bridge and demolish existing bridge
  • Summer 2013: All "In-Water" work is complete
  • Summer 2013: The girders are spanning the river and the road is built at each end
  • Summer 2013: The road is now complete and the permanent drainage facilities are constructed
  • Fall 2013: Finishing up the details and all of the plantings will take place in November
  • November 2013: Plants installed and one year plant establishment period begins

          Original Schedule

  • Fall 2013 thru Spring 2014: Build new bridge
  • Summer 2014: Remove the detour bridge
  • Fall 2014: Project completion and start plant establishment

Contact: Kerri Whitlow, Project Manager: 503-742-4680 or

Contractor: Farline Bridge, Inc.

Things to be aware of:

  • Thank-you to all of the citizens that drive this road for your patience during the construction process. We apologize for any inconvenience this has created.
  • Please take note of your speed on this new section of road as there are pedestrians. Drive slowly and cautiously.
  • There was access for pedestrians across the river at all times.

Current Activities:

  • Chinook Salmon spawned in the Salmon River directly under the new bridge. It is very exciting that our construction methods have left the fish a very suitable spawning ground.
  • Work completed on the new structure
    • Curbs are complete on the new bridge
    • 3 Tube rail is installed across the bridge
    • Concrete parapet walls are poured at each corner of the bridge
    • Roadwork is complete and the striping will be applied in dry weather
  • Work Still to Accomplish
    • Landscape establishment till November 2014


  • The majority of the project was paid by Federal Funds (FHWA) administered through Oregon Department of Transportation and Clackamas County.  The remainder was paid by Clackamas County Road Funds.  The construction project was completed under estimates and cost approximately $1.2 Million.

You may be interested to know:

  • The Salmon River is a wonderful area for recreation of all sorts. This link will take you to a great description of the Salmon River and the "Wild and Scenic" designation. Truly an area to be protected and enjoyed for many years to come.
  • The contractor did follow all federal and state environmental regulations, which allowed for the “In-Water Work Period” work between July 15 and August 31.
  • Farline Bridge and Clackamas County have truly enjoyed working in your neighborhood and wish to extend our thanks for the community's cooperation through the construction process of the new Salmon River (Arrah Wanna Blvd) Bridge and road sections. We hope this is an improvement that lasts for many years to come.


Project Exhibits: Click on the image below to see a larger version.

Looking Upstream

Old Bridge - weight restricted - Looking Upstream


New Bridge - able to accept highway weight loads - Looking Upstream