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East Barlow Trail Road - Embankment Restoration

Transportation Engineering Embankment Restoration Project

Project Description: The winter floods of 2011 have eroded the embankment that protects the East Barlow Trail Road adjacent to the Sandy River near milepost 6.0. With this project, Clackamas County will restore that embankment. Please see the location map below.

Updated: 08/06/14

Status: The project has completed the 30% design milestone. Various alternatives were evaluated and a preferred alternative was selected. Final design activities, environmental permit applications and right of way activities will occur in 2014.

Schedule: Construction start in the summer of 2015

Contact: Joel Howie, Project Manager: 503-742-4658 or

Consultant: OBEC Consulting Engineers

Things To Be Aware Of:

  • A road closure will be required during construction starting in mid-July lasting through the month of October

Current Activities:

  • Design activities and environmetal permit applications 


  • Federal Highway Emergency Funds

You may be interested to know:

  • The embankment was protected with riprap installed in the 1960’s by the Army Corps of Engineers. Most of the riprap was washed away in the flood of January 2011.


Project Exhibits: Click on the image below to see a larger version. 


Area Map

Site Photos

Project Plan View

Project Cross-Sections