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Minuteman Way (Industrial Way) Extension Project

Transportation Engineering Road Project

Project Description: This project will provide a connection along the east side of the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way between the existing Minuteman Way (previously Industrial Way) and Lawnfield Road, for vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic. The improvements include new roadway construction, bike lanes, sidewalks, curve alignments, turn lanes, street lighting, and the construction of new intersections and the reconfiguration of existing intersections. This connection is required to accommodate future traffic patterns and impacts to local circulation due to the Sunrise JTA project.

Updated: 08/06/14

Status: In construction as a part of the Sunrise JTA project. Construction is being managed by ODOT.

Schedule: New road is scheduled to open in September of 2014.


Consultant: Harper Houf Peterson Righellis Inc.

Contractor: Kerr Contractors, Inc.

Things to be aware of:

  • Lawnfield Road is scheduled to be permanently closed at the UPRR crossing in September of 2014.
  • The new Minuteman Way extension is scheduled to be opened within 10 days of the Lawnfield Road closure.
  • Mather Road will be permanently closed just west of Bordeaux Lane shortly after the opening of the new Minuteman Way.

Current Activities:

  • Construction of road base
  • Installation of storm water drainage system


  • Construction costs are approximately $4 million and this work was bid by ODOT as a part of the Sunrise JTA project.

You may be interested to know:

  • A new bridge is being designed to replace the Lawnfield Road crossing of the railroad tracks. This new crossing will be built at Tolbert Street and connect 82nd Drive to Minuteman Way. This bridge is scheduled to be opened in late 2016. Please see the Tolbert Project webpage for more information. click here
  • This project is identified as a part of the Sunrise Jobs and Transportation Act (JTA) projects, approved by the Oregon Legislature in 2009, to reduce congestion and enhance economic opportunities in Clackamas County with improvements related to the Sunrise Corridor.
  • Further information can be found at the ODOT project website.
  • At the request of the Oregon Military Department and with the approval of its neighbors, Industrial Way has been renamed Minuteman Way


Project Exhibits: Click on the image below to see a larger version (if available). 


Partial area map from ODOT Sunrise JTA project website. Future Minuteman Way is shown in red.

Minuteman Way and The Sunrise Under Construction