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Traffic Safety Commission Meeting DRAFT Minutes
Aug. 3, 2016


To give the citizens of Clackamas County a forum to voice traffic safety concerns, evaluate related issues, provide a liaison with County agencies and promote traffic safety.

Commission members

Steve Adams
Michael Wilson
Bob Karl
Brian Burke
Bryan Loveness
Carol Vonderheit
Catherine Albrecht
Nathan McCarty
Chris Larsen

Bruce Fontaine

Joe Marek, Liaison
Laura Kitts

Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m.

Proposed meeting minutes from November to present disregarded due to lack thereof. Approved getting back on track starting with August.

Introduce Laura Kitts – Administrative Analyst




2016 2nd Quarter Fatal Summary
Joe reviewed 2nd quarter fatal summary. We have not had a very good past six weeks. Triple fatal on Redland Road, double fatal on Highway 224 and Highway 213 south of Molalla. Currently, we are two fatalities above 2015. Reviewed the causes of each crash--drugs, speed, human error or unknown.

Brian - in his profession he has observed more motorcycle crashes in 2016 than ever, mostly newer drivers.
Michael - Is it too early to see if marijuana is the case of crashes?
Joe/Chris - There is not scientific consensus on the specific quantitative amount of THC (marijuana) in the person’s blood to be impairing under the law. Fatalities are looked at more closely, but no significant data has been linked. It’s too soon to tell.

Chris and Joe will be in touch with Clackamas County District Attorney’s office for a group presentation on controlled substance - stay tuned on how drugs are affecting fatalities.

County Fair
The county fair is coming up soon. Joe presented the reading material, props, promotional and Drive to Zero items that be at the fair. Reviewed sign-up sheet and filled in where needed.

Drive-to-Zero – Gas Tax update
BCC is proposing a six-cent gas tax that will go on the ballot this year. If passed, the gas tax will be in effect for seven years. It’s the same amount of dollars that would have come from vehicle registration fees that will cover paving packages. $500,000 left over will be for curve warning and intersection signage. We do have grants thru 2021 that will cover most of the curve signage. This is exciting news and hoping to move ahead with passing.

Rosemont Trail
Moving forward with putting devices in place, the city of West Linn has agreed to split the cost. City of West Linn is responsible for maintaining the trail. Columbia Land Trust has contracted right-of-way to allow ped and bike improvements.

Autocross update
Bob is still working on getting things moving for autocross. There have been issues with liability insurance due to the competitiveness of the event. Bob does, however, have Canby Ford and Traffic Safety Supply lined up for sponsors. He also has the City of West Linn to offer scholarships for low income kids who want to participate in the event. Most recently he has discovered “driving skills for life,” a program that the Ford Company has started ( He is hoping to get them on board as well. Update to follow next meeting.

TSAP Update
Joe is working on getting a grant request together for ODOT. Updated planning, project and priority.


Molalla Safety Culture Project - “grass roots outreach” changing the culture.
Joe met with The Ford Family Foundation to help to get things going. Phase 1: review crash data, assess the community, perception of the community. Align all elements. Ending in 2017. Phase 2: implement the strategies based on data from Phase 1. Molalla is willing to work together to have a safer community.

Chris: Requested to be a standing agenda item.

Molalla - Safety Culture Project - grass roots outreach

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 8:31 p.m. Next meeting: Sept. 7, 2016

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