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Traffic Safety Commission Meeting DRAFT Minutes
Oct. 5, 2016


To give the citizens of Clackamas County a forum to voice traffic safety concerns, evaluate related issues, provide a liaison with County agencies and promote traffic safety.

Commission members

Catherine Albrecht
Steve Fudali
Carol Vonderheit
Brian Burke
Bryan Loveness
Chris Larsen
Bob Karl
Nathan McCarty

Michael Wilson
Steve Adams
Bruce Fontaine

Laura Kitts
Joe Marek

Christian Snuffin

CALL TO ORDER: 7:06 Start

Approved of September minutes with edits.



Willamette Falls Drive: Bob spoke with the City Manager of West Linn. The City manager would like County/TSC to send a letter indicating the issue and requesting ODOT and the city to address it. Joe will evaluate the safety and operation of the intersection. Joe and Laura to draft letter for commission to approve. Key items: traffic congestion and evaluate safety. Letter to be sent to the City Manager of West Linn and Dennis Mitchell (ODOT).

Sunnyside- Fire Stations:
Brian B. Fire Stations - 205 & Sunnyside Road. Re-evaluate how we get through with roads and congestion. Also, how traffic impacts timing for fire trucks and ambulances.

Membership item: Bruce Fontaine is resigning from TSC. Need to start the recruitment process.



2016 3rd Quarter Fatal Summary
Reviewed the PowerPoint presentation from the council meeting. Currently to date there are 34 fatals, which is 6 over last year. There have been multiple days’ cluster of fatal accidents. The accidents are roughly 50/50 on county and ODOT roads. The three big reasons are roadway departure, aggressive driving and young drivers.

Discussed the many elements that are in the works to create and maintain safer roads.

Danielson’s Safety Fair - recap
The safety fair went well, there was great attendance and it is worthwhile to attend next year. It did close an hour early, which was not planned.

Rosemont Trail
Columbia Land Trust working on the easement. It is currently scheduled to be completed in spring 2017.

TSAP Update
Working on RFP - will update the high level section of to the plan but will work on prioritization/implementation part of the plan. Lumping some of the missed CIP projects into TSAP to help move them along. We are the only county in the state with an adopted plan. Start thinking about the work we do on a broader plan and setting the stage for the next five years.

Transportation Safety Conference
The conference is October 24-25. There is still time to sign up and TS will pay the registration fee to attend.

Still working on district attorney to come and talk to us about marijuana.
Looking to add a guest speaker every other month. Integrating other cities and hearing their issues. Chris proposed that Patty McMillen come and speak at a TS meeting to hear her school outreach.

ADJOURNMENT: 8:39 p.m.

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