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Commercial Exhibitor Information | Concessionaire Information 

Interested in being a vendor at the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo?  Read over the rules and information provided below, and in the Commercial or Concessionaire Manuals, and send us an application.   Please note that an application does not guarantee a booth space.

To apply for a commercial or concessionaire booth space, you will need to fill out a Vendor Application and submit it to the Fair office.  Please keep in mind this is an application only and does not guarantee space.  No payment should be returned with application.  Along with your application you must submit pictures or brochures of all product, pricing and a picture or detailed sketch of your booth setup.  Also include 3 references including contact information.

The Clackamas County Fair reserves the right to select products as we see fit.  We will consider last year's permit holders first.  We try our best to avoid over representation of products.  However, we don't offer exclusivity.

The 108th Clackamas County Fair is quickly approaching and will be here before we know it!  We are proud of our contribution to the community, bringing over 145,000 guests to last year's fair.  We look forward to the possibility of having you as a vendor at the 2014 Clackamas County Fair!  We will notify you if you are accepted. 

Returning Vendors: Packets will be sent out to you no later than March 31, 2014.

Insurance Requirements:

All vendor's shall be required to provide liability insurance not less than $500,000 per occurence with a $1,000,000 aggregate and a Certificate of Insurance naming Clackamas County, Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, Clackamas County Fair Board, their employees and agents as additional insured.  The certificate needs to include the event, the date and the area being used.  Written proof of insurance must be provided by vendor ten (10) days prior to their event.


Commercial Exhibitor:

Commercial Exhibitor Application | Commercial Exhibitor Manual | Canby Fire District Requirements

Once accepted as a Commercial Exhibitor for 2014, a completed insurance binder (as outlined in the Commercial Exhibitors Manual), and payment for booth space, canopy and other expenses will be due with a signed copy of the permit agreement.

Booth Pricing: All Booth pricing is on a per booth basis and is subject to change.

*Indoor Commercial Booth Spaces are in the Main Pavilion.  This building has no air conditioning.  Indoor booths include 8ft high back drape and 3ft high side drapes.

*Outdoor Commercial booths include the canopy, back wall, and side wall.


(back & sidedrapes included)


(Prices include cost of a canopy, back and side wall)



8ft x 8ft In-line


 10ft x 10ft In-line


 4 foot and 6 foot tables$12.00 

8ft x 8ft Corner


 10ft x 10ft Corner


 4 foot and 6 foot table skirted$18.00 

8ft x 10ft In-line


 8ft x 15ft In-line


 8 foot table$15.00 

8ft x 10ft Corner


 8ft x 15ft Corner


 8 foot table skirted$20.00

9ft x 10ft In-line



9ft x 10ft Corner




10ft x 10ft In-line $450.00   10 foot high$2.00/ft
10ft x 10ft Corner $475.00   3 foot high$1.50/ft 

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Concessionaire Application | Concessionaire Manual | Canby Fire District Requirements

All Food concessions are located outside.  Once accepted as a concessionaire for 2014, a completed insurance binder (as outlined in the Concessions Manual), a Clackamas County Temporary Restaurant License, and a $400 base fee payment will be required.

Rates:  $400.00 or 22% of the gross sales for the six days, whichever amount is greater.  Fee does not include canopy, equipment and additional utilities.

Utilities:  Fair will provide each Permittee with one 115 volt 20 amp electrical circuit providing 1600 watts of power.  More electrical power may be provided if available.  If additional power is needed, Permittee will pay the cost at the rate of $20.00 per 20 amp circuit.  220-volt power is available in selected locations and outlets must be requested and approved in advance.  There will be a $50.00 per outlet fee charged for each 220-volt outlet.  Requests should be submitted with signed agreement.  Permittee is responsible for ALL additional lighting for display in booth area.



10ft x 10ft Canopy$120.00  4 foot & 6 foot tables$12.00 
10ft x 20ft Canopy$180.00  4 foot & 6 foot table skirted$18.00 
Sidewall, 10ft high$2.00 per foot  8 foot table$15.00 
Sidewall, 3ft high$1.50 per foot  8 foot skirted table$20.00 

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