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SWMACC - Surface Water Management Agency of Clackamas County

CC DTD Engineering - Clackamas County Department of Transportation & Development - Engineering

Zoning Descriptions by Jurisdiction

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M1 Light Industrial
M2 Heavy Industrial
C1 Downtown Commercial
C2 Highway Commercial
CR Residential Commercial
CM Heavy Commercial/Manufacturing

Clackamas County
Planning and Zoning Division
CI Campus Industrial District
LI Light Industrial District
GI General Industrial District
RI Rural Industrial District
BP Business Park District
NC Neighborhood Commercial District
C2 Community Commercial District
C3 General Commercial District
RTC Rural Tourist Commercial District
RC Rural Commercial District
OC Office Commercial District
RTL Retail Commercial District
OA Office Apartment District
VCS Village Community Service District
VO Village Office District
RCO Regional Center Office District
RCC Regional Center Commercial District
CC Corridor Commercial District
RCHDR Regional Center High Density Residential District
SCMU Station Community Mixed Use District

Zoning FAQ
RI Rural Industrial District
RC Rural Commercial District

Planning and Zoning
C1 General Commercial
C2 Residential Commercial
D Downtown
M1 Light Industrial
M2 Heavy Industrial

Gladstone Municipal Code
C1 Local Commercial District
C2 Community Commercial District
C3 General Commercial District
LI Light Industrial District
OP Office Park District

Happy Valley
Happy Valley Municipal Code
EC Employment Center
VC Village Commercial District
VO Village Office District
CCC Community Commercial Center District
MCC Mixed Commercial Center District
MUC Mixed Use Commercial
MUE Mixed Use Employment
RCMU Regional Center Mixed Use
RC-ME Rock Creek Mixed Employment
MUR-M2 Mixed Use Residential/Multi-Family Medium Density
IC Industrial Campus

Lake Oswego
Community Development Code
EC East End Commercial District
GC General Commercial District
HC Highway Commercial District
MC Mixed Commercial District
OC Office Campus District
NC Neighborhood Commercial District
I Industrial District (General)
IP Industrial Park District

Milwaukie Municipal Code
BI Business Industrial
M Manufacturing
DC Downtown Commercial
N-C Neighborhood Commercial
C-L Limited Commercial
C-G General Commercial
R-1-B Residential-Business Office
R-O-C Residential-Office-Commercial

Molalla Municipal Code
M1 Light Industrial District
M2 Heavy Industrial District
C1 Central Business District
C2 General Commercial District

Oregon City
Oregon City Municipal Code
MUC-1 Mixed Use Corridor 1
MUC-2 Mixed Use Corridor 2
MUD Mixed Use Downtown
MUE Mixed Use Employment
C General Commercial
HC Historic Commercial
GI General Industrial
CI Campus Industrial
I Institutional

C-1 Central Business District
C-2 General Commercial
C-3 Village Commercial
I-1 Industrial Park
I-2 Light Industrial
I-3 General Industrial

West Linn
Community Development Code
MU Mixed Use Transition
NC Neighborhood Commercial
GC General Commercial
OBC Office-Business Center
CI Campus Industrial
GI General Industrial

Development Code
RA-H (Industrial) Residential Agricultural Holding (Industrial)
PDI Planned Development Industrial
PDC Planned Development Commercial
PDC-TC Planned Development Commercial-Town Center
PDR Planned Development Residential

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