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County accepting grant proposals up to $30,000 for watershed improvement

eWIC makes it easier for families to get healthful food

Land to grow jobs

Land to grow jobs

Future prosperity depends on the long-term availability of employment lands.

Citizen Academy

Citizen Academy

Do you want to know more about your county services or share your ideas with county staff? Join the Citizen Academy!

Live Healthy

Live Healthy

We’re making it easier for residents to stay healthy and save money. Check out new discount programs for prescription drugs, health services and dental services.

Master Recycler

Master Recycler

Do you want to be the recycling expert at your business, school or home? Join our 8-week course on sustainable consumption, composting and recycling.

Performance Plan

Our plan to ensure county departments meet high performance standards for serving customers.

Marijuana regulations

Marijuana land use laws and regulations.


Parcel information, building characteristics, taxes, utilities and more.

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The Road Ahead

Will unsafe roads be among the costs of delaying maintenance?

Water Environment Services

Water Environment Services cleans 15 million gallons of wastewater every day.

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