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Behavioral Health
We work with community partners and a network of providers to offer a wide variety of mental health and addictions treatment services to children, youth, families, and adults. Our services include crisis care, drug and alcohol treatment, and assessment and evaluation.

Crisis Services
Crisis Services provides 24-hour help for people experiencing a mental health crisis. We provide consultation, evaluation, and assistance from mental health professionals.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services
Behavioral Health provides specialized support programs for alcohol and drug addiction treatment and recovery.

Centerstone Clinic
Centerstone is your ?one-stop-shop? for getting help in a mental health crisis for anyone in the County.

Treatment Courts
Treatment courts are special courts with jurisdiction over some criminal offenders with mental illness and/or drug abuse. Treatment courts provide an alternative to jail or prison for some individuals whose crime was related to their mental illness or addiction.

Involuntary Commitment
ICP staff work with individuals and agencies to determine when involuntary commitment is necessary, and to protect the civil rights and due process for individuals.

Mental Health First Aid
Mental Health First Aid is an exciting interactive course that prepares members of the public to provide Mental Health First Aid to people in need.

Oregon Health Plan Member Information
Clackamas Behavioral Health Division manages the mental health services for Oregon Health Plan members who live in Clackamas County. Health Share of Oregon/Clackamas MH is your mental health plan.

Oregon Health Plan Provider Information
Clackamas Behavioral Health works with a network of OHP providers through the Clackamas Mental Health Organization (MHO). Learn more about this organization here.

Mental Health Services
The Behavioral Health Division can help you with many of your mental health needs, including support for adults, children, and families.

Peer and Family Support Services
Behavioral Health works with peer services organizations to provide additional support for people and their families in need of mental health and addictions support.

Outpatient Providers
Clackamas Mental Health Organization Outpatient Participating Provider List

Mental Health and Addictions Council
The Mental Health and Addictions Council serves as an advisory body to the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners and the Director of the Clackamas County Behavioral Health Division on community needs, gaps in services, barriers and priorities related to providing mental health and addictions services in the County.