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Code Enforcement FAQ
If you have a code enforcement question, please check first if the answer is here.

Public Records Research Request
Streamline your records request and expedite the proper response from the County.

Code Enforcement Division
Keeping people and property safe . . .

Building Codes Division
Information on Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Manufactured Home, Agricultural and Grading permits

Transportation and Development
DTD is responsible for land use planning and permitting, building permits, development review, code enforcement, solid waste and sustainability, road and bridge construction and maintenance, surveying, plat approvals, public land corner restoration, urban renewal and dog services.

Building Permit Responsibility by Jurisdiction
Building permit responsibilities may be different from one city to another in Clackamas County.

Building/Mechanical Information
Information for Residential, Multifamily, Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Code Books/Codes In Effect
A list of buiding codes accepted by the State of Oregon Building Codes Division.

Electrical Permits
Electrical permits information and applications

Residential Inspections
Residential inspectors look at many components of a dwelling during inspections.

Manufactured Dwellings
Information on permit fees and guidelines for manufactured homes.

Plumbing Permits
Learn the law about plumbing installation and how to apply for a plumbing permit

Building Codes Division Permit Policies
E-permit payment, delivery and refund policies.

Building Permit Process for Residential One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Accessory Structures
This guide will help make the building permit application process the best, quickest and most

School Excise Tax Information
The State of Oregon passed Senate Bill 1036 allowing school districts to impose a construction excise tax effective May 2007.

Procedures for Submittal of Applications for Prefabricated Structures
When a prefabricated structure or prefabricated component is placed on a site, it is subject to permits and inspection as provided in the Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC) Section 1704.

Building Codes Division Forms
Various forms and applications to assist and ensure building code compliance.

Flood Insurance
If you own a home or business in unincorporated Clackamas County, you may need flood insurance.