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Home Repair Loans and Home Access Grants
We provide loans to low-income homeowners for needed and critical home repairs and small grants to low-income persons with disabilities to make their homes more accessible.

Homebuyers & Homeowners
Community Development supports strong communities by helping people purchase a home or repair an existing home.

Clackamas County Development Agency
Using urban renewal authority, the Development Agency implements programs that provide for economically, socially and environmentally sound development and redevelopment to revitalize blighted areas; building the County's property tax base and creating economic vitality and employment opportunities.

Transportation and Development
DTD is responsible for land use planning and permitting, building permits, development review, code enforcement, solid waste and sustainability, road and bridge construction and maintenance, surveying, plat approvals, public land corner restoration, urban renewal and dog services.

Community Development
We use the federal funds we receive to strengthen neighborhoods and improve communities.

Best Management Practices for Routine Road Maintenance Application
Best Management Practices for Routine Road Maintenance Application

North Clackamas Revitalization Area
The established neighborhoods in the NCRA are among the more affordable places to live in the County, but there are long-term infrastructure problems that need to be resolved.

Clackamas Homebuyer Assistance Program (CHAP)
Down Payment Assistance

Clackamas Industrial Area
The industrial area is a regional distribution, warehousing and wholesale trade center.

Clackamas Town Center Area
The Clackamas Town Center area is the region's fastest growing business center.

Government Camp Village
Nestled on the slopes of Oregon's highest mountain peak, Government Camp Village is surrounded by Mt. Hood National Forest, which provides a wide range of year-round recreational opportunities and scenic vistas to residents and visitors.

North Clackamas Revitalization Area (NCRA) Home Access Grants
For those with physical disabilities in Clackamas County a Home Access Grant can cover the cost of removing barriers and improving access and safety.

North Clackamas Revitalization Area (NCRA) Critical Repair Grants for Manufactured Homes in Parks an
Critical Repair Grants Eligibility Information

North Clackamas Revitalization Area (NCRA) Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program
Home Rehabilitation Loan Eligibility Information

Home Access & Critical Repair Grants
Eligibility and Application Information for Access Grants.

NCRA Homebuyer Assistance Program Lender Process Flowchart
Detailed information on the Homebuyer Assistance Program in step-by-step format.

Glossary of Terms
Clackamas County Development Agency Glossary

NCRA Housing Rehabilitation and Homebuyer Assistance Program
Promoting maintenance, rehabilitation and ownership of existing affordable housing in the district.

NCRA Housing Rehabilitation and Homebuyer Assistance Program
This information is designed to guide you through the rehabilitation process and give you an idea of what to expect.

North Clackamas Revitalization Area (NCRA) Rental Rehabilitation Loans
(For rental property that is not owner-occupied)

Urban Renewal - Keeping Clackamas Working
Development Agency urban renewal projects have been making a positive difference for people in Clackamas County communities for 30 years. The Development Agency excels at creating jobs and helping businesses, both small and large, enhance the quality of life for everyone in Clackamas County.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions about Community Development and our work.

Maps and Plans
Community Development creates and updates many maps and plans as part of its day to day work. Please check below for a list of downloadable documents

Organizations and Jurisdictions
Community Development works with community partners to strengthen the community by developing affordable housing and public factilities and improving neighborhood infrastructure.

Neighborhood Improvement
Community Development uses federal CDBG block grant funding to improve neighborhoods and communities throughout the county.

Affordable Housing Development
Community Development works with federal HOME funds and local partners to support the development of affordable housing.

Clackamas County Continuum of Care
The organizing body of service providers, nonprofits, and concerned citizens addressing homelessness in Clackamas County

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)
HMIS is a web-based system that homeless assistance providers use to collect data, coordinate care, manage operations, and better serve people.

Sunnyside Rd-Stevens Rd Intersection Improvements
Development Agency Road Construction Project