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Community Resource Guide
Search for resources and services throughout Clackamas County.

Health, Housing, and Human Services
Healthy Families. Strong Communities.

Housing and Commmunity Development
Our subdivisions receive funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide affordable housing and revitalize neighborhoods.

Health Transformation in Oregon
Transforming Health Care in Clackamas County

Performance Improvement
The H3S Department strives to improve its performance every day.

Department Organization
H3S is organized into eight separate divisions, as well as an administration office. Each Division offers a suite of services for people in need throughout Clackamas County, and cooperates on many initiatives.

H3S Community Advisory Boards and Commissions
Advisory Boards and Commissions are one way that H3S ensures that the community's voice is heard.

Continuous Process Improvement
The Concept of Process Improvement we call Lean

Overview of the Department
pdf budget presentation

OMOD event flyer
BING flyer

Substance Abuse: Client Retention in Treatment
Number of ClackamasCounty Behavioral Health Clinic Substance Abuse clients who recieve 9 or more appointments in the first 90 days of treatment.

Corrections employment program
The number of corrections clients who received a service who became employed. The percent of corrections clients who received at least one service who became employed.

Domestic Violence victims reporting greater access to advocacy, resources, supports, and services
Measured as the number of Domestic Violence (DV)victims reporting increased access to DV advocacy,resources, supports, and services / number of DV victims served who respondto follow-up survey.

Utilization of Vouchers
Total number of Housing Vouchers presented to individuals which are utilized according to their requirements during the quarter / Total number of Housing vouchers presented to individuals during the quarter

Communicable disease investigations completed in a timely manner
The number of disease investigations (excluding pertussis; which is investigated through the Metro Area Pertussis Surveillance system) completed within established timelines / Total number of cases reported during the quarter

Three Strikes Guidelines
Guidelines for Alfresco Users

Summer food programs

Performance Measurement
H3S measures a variety of indicators to keep track of our progress.

Planning and Priorities
The mission and goals of the Department, as well as key strategic initiatives for the year.

Community Resource Guide
Search for resources and services throughout Clackamas County.