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Board of County Commissioners
The five-member Board of Commissioners serves as the governing body which directs the general administration of County government.

Community Planning Organizations
The purpose of Community Planning Organizations (CPOs) is to involve citizens in land use planning in unincorporated Clackamas County. For time, date and location of CPO meetings please contact the specific CPO directly.

Public & Government Affairs
Public & Government Affairs for Clackamas County

Citizen Involvement
There are many ways for citizens to get involved in Clackamas County government: register to vote, volunteer to help a senior citizen, become a reserve deputy, join a community planning organization or join an advisory commission.

Business Meetings
The Commissioners' weekly business meetings.

C4 - Clackamas County Coordinating Committee
Clackamas County Coordinating Committee, better known as C4,is an ad hoc group with representation from Clackamas County, cities, special districts, hamlets, villages, and community planning organizations (CPOs)within the borders of Clackamas County.

BCC Photos
A gallery of events attended by Board members.

Staff Presentations/Planning Meetings
Board of County Commissioners Staff Presentations

Board of County Commissioners Weekly Schedule
The following is a list of meetings for the week of April 14, 2014

CPO Handbook

CPO Acronyms
CPO Acronyms Key

Benefits of being a recognized CPO
Benefits of being a recognized CPO

CPO Best Practices when Responding to Land Use Applications
Tools for your CPO when reviewing land use applications.

CPO Best Practices for Communicating with Citizens and Land-Use Applicants
This is a tool for your CPO when communicating with citizens and land-use applicants. If you have suggestions for additional best practices, please submit them to the Public and Government Relations Department.

Oak Grove Community Council CPO
March Meeting Notice

Rosewood Neighborhood Association Agenda
Rosewood Neighborhood Association/Community Planning Organization Agenda

Frequently Asked Questions About CPOs
Frequently Asked Questions About CPOs.

Program Partners
Clackamas County Juvenile Department could not be successful in meeting its goals without the commitment of its partners throughout Clackamas County. We would like to thank the following partners for their continued involvement.

Hamlet of Beavercreek
Information about the community of Beavercreek.

Hamlet of Molalla Prairie
Information about the hamlet of Molalla Prairie.

The Villages at Mt. Hood
Information about the Villages at Mt. Hood.

Information about the community of Mulino.

Stafford Hamlet
Information about the community of Stafford.

?The Clackamas County Juvenile Department is dedicated to community safety. It is our goal to hold youth offenders accountable to facilitate victim and community restoration. We collaborate with community partners to assist in positive youth development and strengthening families.?

Traffic Safety Commission
The Clackamas County Traffic Safety Commission strives to give a forum to voice traffic safety concerns, evaluate related issues, provide a liaison with County agencies and promote traffic safety.

Government Affairs
Government Affairs serves as a liaison between Clackamas County and local, regional, state and federal government agencies.

Public Affairs

engAGE in Community
engAGE in Community is a community-based action initiative whose mission is to establish Clackamas County as an age-friendly place that supports people's ability to age actively and successfully in their home or community of choice

Commitee for Citizen Involvement
CCI Agendas and Minutes

Pedestrian/Bikeway Advisory Committee
The Committee's mission is to promote and encourage safe bicycling and walking as a significant means of transportation in Clackamas County.

Hamlets and Villages
Currently there are four Hamlets and one Village in Clackamas County.

Committee for Citizen Involvement Bylaws
Committee for Citizen Involvement Bylaws

Citizen Involvement in Transportation Planning
In Clackamas County, there are three citizen involvement elements of transportation planning.

Traffic Safety Commission Bylaws
Promulgated By-laws for the Clackamas County Traffic Safety Commission

Traffic Safety Commission Standard Operating Procedures

County Budget
Learn more about the County Budget Process

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about the County Budget

Restricted vs. Unrestricted Revenues
General County Agency Total FY14 Proposed Budget $602 Million

Sources and Uses of Unrestricted General County Revenue Proposed FY14 Budget
Non-restricted General County Revenue

About Your Budget Testimony
The following general testimony tips may help in formulating your testimony to Budget Committees and the Board of County Commissioners.

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