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Clackamas County Jail
Serving Clackamas County since 1845.

Inmate Mail
Inmate mail rules, how to address your mail, delivery schedule, and our policies on contraband, sending cash, sending books, prohibited mail, and rejecting incoming mail.

Every effort is made by the Clackamas County Juvenile Court to place youth in the least restrictive setting available. Community safety is the primary reason for utilizing secure detention. The length of stay for a youth being held in detention varies greatly.

Clackamas County Jail: Fighting for Mental Health
Information on our Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) program.

Clackamas County Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC)
Clackamas County?s LPSCC advises the Board of County Commissioners on the use of state and local resources to appropriately and effectively address the adult and juvenile offender populations and to coordinate policy among all local criminal justice entities.

Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Clackamas County Jail: Depositing Money in an Inmates's Account
Info on inmate accounts, and how and when to make deposits.

Clackamas County Jail: Bail and Release Procedures
Info on posting bail, recognizance release and forced release at the Jail.

Clackamas County Jail: Fast Facts
Quick stats on Jail operations and costs.

Clackamas County Jail: Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions about the Jail, answered.

Clackamas County Jail: History
A timeline of the Jail in Clackamas County, from 1845 to today.

Clackamas County Jail: Inmate Telephone Policy
Rules, availability, penalties, use of Telmate, and how to block inmate calls.

Clackamas County Jail: Property Release Procedures
Hours and options for the release of inmate property.

Jail Tours
Jail tours provide students of the criminal justice system, members of the media, professional groups, and the public access to Clackamas County Jail, helping them understand the complexities of operating the facility.

Oregon Statewide VINE: Victim Information and Notification
VINE is a free and anonymous telephone service that provides crime victims with information and notification on the custody status of offenders.

Clackamas County Jail: Citizen Visiting Policy
How to get on the Jail Visiting List; visitation rules; how to schedule a visit online or by phone; and visiting days and times.