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Dog Services
Clackamas County Dog Services

Lost and Found Information
Information on how to locate your lost or found dog.

Other Animals and Resources
Looking for non-dog info? Seeking additional dog resources?

Bites by rabies-susceptible animals are to be reported within 24 hours to the County where the victim lives.

Dog Complaints & Investigations
Have you witnessed or been involved in animal neglect, cruelty or a bite or other dog complaint?

Dog Licenses and Laws
Licensing information and local laws.

General Adoption Information
Dog adoption information & application, adoptable dogs, and Amazing New Beginnings!

Amazing New Beginnings
Do you have comments or a story about Clackamas County Dog Services?

Thanks for entering
Thank you for adding your lost or found dog!

Submitting lost or found dog photos
Send us a photo of your lost or found dog.

Support Dog Services
There are many ways to help us in our mission to save more lives!