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Get a Food Handler Card
If you are a restaurant employee or the operator of a temporary restaurant, you are required to get a food handler card.

Public Health
Protecting and promoting the health of Clackamas County.

Birth and Death Certificates
The Public Health Division is the home for vital records in Clackamas County.

Immunization Information
Immunization is extremely important for protecting public health.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program
WIC provides food, education, and support to pregnant women, new mothers, infants, and children up to the age of 5 years old.

Public Health Client Feedback
We value your opinion. Please share your feedback with us.

BabyLink: call (971) 400-7832
Resources for expecting and new parents and their families

Dental Health Access
Dental health is important for overall health

Reports and Data
Public Health information and reports

Disease Prevention and Education
Communicable diseases are those conditions that can be spread to others through air, touch or contact with contaminated body fluids.

Community Health Dashboard
Explore a variety of health and quality of life indicators in the Community Dashboard or click on one of the selected indicators below.

Report a Disease: call (503) 655-8411, option 1
For Oregon physicians and other healthcare providers to report cases of specific reportable conditions.

Environmental Health Services
The Public Health Division works to protect the safety and health of our food, air, and water.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked quesitons about the Public Health Division's programs and services.

Healthy Communities
Public Health works to promote healthier choices in our community through a range of healthy communities initiatives.

Public Health Advisory Committee
A community voice in the review and revision of public health activities, strategies and goals.

Pregnancy, birth, and your baby
Help for expecting mothers, new mothers, and families.

Flu Prevention
Influenza (or

Inspection Information
Clackamas County Public Health Division inspects all restaurants and a range of other facilities (pools, tourist facilities, schools, daycares and water wells) with potential health impacts to ensure health and safety throughout the County.

Public Health Nurses
Helping Clackamas families grow and thrive

Restaurant, Temporary Restaurant, Pool, Spa and other Food Service and Facility Licensing informatio
Clackamas County Public Health licenses Restaurants and other food service facilities such as temporary restaurants and mobile food units. Swimming pool, spa pool, and tourist facility licensing information is included. You can download license applications, rule information, plan review information, and plan review applications.

Emergency Preparedness
Responding to public health emergencies in the community

Healthy Eating Active Living
The Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) grant program supports community-based projects that increase access to healthy foods and promote physical activity.

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education
Clackamas County Public Health Division is committed to preventing HIV and AIDS, and to ensuring that all individuals who are HIV+ are connected to the supports, services and resources that they need.

Getting the most from your medications
Information for seniors on how to use prescriptions effectively and safely

Tobacco Prevention and Education Program
The Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP) works to reduce tobacco use and its impacts in Clackamas County.