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Garbage and Recycling
Find your garbage company, waste prevention ideas, recycling information for residents, businesses and schools, and links to transfer stations and recycling depots.

What Can You Do?
There?s a lot you can do to make our community and our world a more sustainable place. We all make choices every day that affect water and air quality, energy use, health, biodiversity, climate, social networks and the economy. The good news is that every day there's more information and assistance to make your choices sustainable ones.

Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint
Simple tips for being more sustainable.

Hazardous Materials
Many common household products contain potentially dangerous chemicals. If the product label uses adjectives such as

Yard Debris recycling
What to include in curbside yard debris recycling

Sustainability newsletter

Spring 2012 Going Beyond Green
Going Beyond Green Newsletter

Business Recycling Awards Group
Get recognition for your waste reduction, recycling and sustainability efforts.

Worm bins in schools
Set up and maintain a productive worm bin

Find out which company provides your garbage and recycling service, links to the Solid Waste Code and service standards.

Inclement Weather Policy
Garbage, recycling and yard debris collection may be postponed during inclement weather

Multifamily Community Recycling
If you live in an apartment, condominium, or trailer court you should have the opportunity to recycle on the property. This is not simply a good idea, it is the law. The Oregon Recycling Act, ORS 459a, requires multifamily complexes throughout the County to provide

Preparing Recyclables
Tips for correctly preparing your recyclables.

Technical Assistance for Schools
Help with waste reduction, recycling and sustainability initiatives.

Garbage and Recycling Transfer Stations
Where to take big old stuff

Why recycle?
Recycling reduces pollution to air, water and soil, protects habitat, creates jobs, conserves natural resources and saves energy.

Recycling for Businesses
Learn about free, customized assistance to all types of businesses throughout the Clackamas area.

School Programs
FREE recycling, waste reduction and sustainability assistance for schools

Waste prevention at home
Tips everyone can use to limit the amount of garbage at home.

Trash & Recycling Enclosures
Enclosures must be large enough to house the necessary trash and recycling containers for commercial buildings and multifamily dwellings. Enclosures also must be sited to provide easy access for service vehicles. In design review, the key issues are safety, size (for efficiency of collection) and appearance.

Green Schools
The Oregon Green Schools Program is a statewide program that recognizes schools for their waste reduction efforts.

Recycling Facts
Read a few fun and interesting facts about recycling.

Links for students and teachers
Check out these resources and learn about being environmentally conscious as well as tips on recycling and waste reduction.

This collaboration between Clackamas County, garbage companies, commercial composters and food related businesses offers a greener alternative that converts food scraps into valuable compost for home gardens and local agriculture.

End of School Year Recycling Guide
Reduce, reuse and recycle at the end of the school year.