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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about Resolution Services.

Clackamas County Dispute Resolution Center
Clackamas County Dispute Resolution Center is a county agency committed to empowering Clackamas County residents, families, communities, organizations, businesses and governments to resolve disputes effectively, peacefully and collaboratively.

Success Stories
Success stories: healthier conversations, stronger communities.

Clackamas County Resolution Services
Clackamas County Resolution Services aims to strengthen family relationships, reduce the harmful impact of family conflict and reduce the reliance on the court for the adjudication of family conflict.

Mediation in the Workplace
Success stories: healthier conversations, stronger communities.

Some Ways to Resolve Conflicts
Simple and easy ways to reduce conflict.

Workplace Mediation and Intercultural Conflict Resolution Training
Upcoming mediation training opportunities.

Domestic Relations Mediation
Information about Domestic Relations Mediation.

Servicios en español
Resolution Services (Servicios de Resolución) es una agencia del Condado de Clackamas cuya meta es fortalecer las relaciones familiares, reducir los conflictos dentro de las familias, y a la vez reducir la dependencia en el sistema de las cortes para resolver los conflictos.

Internship opportunities at Clackamas County Resolution Services

Parent Education Program
Clackamas County?s Court-Approved Parent Education Program, Parents Helping Children Cope with Family Change, aims to reduce the negative effects of divorce on children.

Conflict Resolution Training
Conflict Resolution Trainings are provided through Clackamas County Resolution Services Youth and Family Mediation Program. These trainings are offered for area schools, community agencies, and other groups.

Couples Counseling
Help for couples.

Family Law Education Class
In court without a lawyer? Clackamas County Resolution Services offers a family law education class. Ask general questions about your situation and get information on how to move forward to a better resolution for your whole family (including help with completing court papers).

Parent Education Registration Form
Children need extra support and attention during difficult times. Our Parent Education Program will provide the skills to lessen the impact of family changes.