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Community Resource Guide
Search for resources and services throughout Clackamas County.

Technology Services Initiatives
Our top initiatives for 2013?2014

Community Boards and Advisory Committees
The Social Services Division works directly with a variety of community boards and advisory committees to serve our community and advocate on behalf of Clackamas County residents.

Welcome to Water Environment Services
Water Environment Services (WES) provides Wastewater Collection & Treatment and Biosolids Reuse for seven cities and several unincorporated areas in Clackamas County. Stormwater Management, On-Site Sewage Disposal, and Water Quality and Stream Enhancement projects are also coordinated by WES.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about Resolution Services.

Clackamas County Dispute Resolution Center
Clackamas County Dispute Resolution Center is a county agency committed to empowering Clackamas County residents, families, communities, organizations, businesses and governments to resolve disputes effectively, peacefully and collaboratively.

Social Services
The Social Services Division provides assistance to seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and low-income residents of Clackamas County.

Monthly Network Meeting
Overview of Monthly Networking Meeting

Technology Services: Keeping the County Connected
The mission of the Technology Services Department is to provide high quality, innovative, cost-effective technology for, citizens, county departments, and county commissioners.

Technology Services Allocation

Business and Economic Development Site Search

Security - CCTV

Clackamas Broadband Express (CBX)

Disaster Avoidance

Internet "Re-Imagination"

Online Mapping Services

Enterprise Mobility

Safe Communities - Transportation Safety Plan

Technology for Teaching ? Phase 2

Services for People with Disabilities
Clackamas County Social Services assists people with disabilities with services, information, and resources.

Energy Assistance
The Energy Assistance Program helps low income Clackamas County households pay their heating bills during the winter, and their electricity and gas costs all year long.

Volunteer Connection
The Volunteer Connection helps people find the right volunteer opportunity and operates volunteer-driven programs for people in need.

Health, Housing, and Human Services
Healthy Families. Strong Communities.

Aging Services Advisory Council
This advisory group meets monthly to advise Clackamas County Social Services Division Senior and Disabled Services on services for older clients. Members are appointed by the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners. The group advocates both locally and at the state level on issues related to aging. The Advisory Council has a number of subcommittees devoted to specific issues such as Age Friendly Communities, Transportation, and Nutrition.

Community Action Board
This advisory group meets monthly to advise Clackamas County Social Services Division Community Action Agency programs on services for low-income persons. Members are appointed by the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners. The group advocates both locally and at the state level on issues related to low-income persons and households.

Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
Social Services works in partnership with people with developmental disabilities to provide support and help them live full and independent lives.

Senior Services
Social Services offers many programs to help seniors live healthy, independent, and happy lives.

Veterans Services
The Clackamas County Veterans Service Office works to ensure that Clackamas County veterans and their families receive all state and federal benefits available to them by providing expert and dedicated representation that is free of charge.

WES Bid and Requests for Proposals Information
Current WES Invitations to Bid and Requests for Proposals Information

About WES
Water Environment Services provides wastewater treatment and surface water management services in Clackamas County.

Biosolids Management
Biosolids are the nutrient-rich organic material generated from the wastewater treatment process.

Contact WES

Customer & Financial Services
WES Customer & Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about Water Environment Services (WES)

WES Community Outreach & Education Program
WES public information and outreach.

North Clackamas Revitalization Area Sanitary Sewers
Clackamas County Service District No. 1 Assessment District 2009-1 Finalized

WES Press Releases
Current WES Press Releases

Septic Systems
Water Environment Services (WES), a department of Clackamas County, issues all septic system permits within unincorporated areas of Clackamas County.

Sanitary Sewer
WES collects and cleans more than 6 billion gallons of wastewater annually.

Surface Water Management (SWM)

Surface Water Management Agency of Clackamas County (SWMACC)
The Surface Water Management Agency of Clackamas County (SWMACC) provides surface water mangement services to the City of Rivergrove and portions of unincorporated Clackamas County draining into the Tualatin River.

Success Stories
Success stories: healthier conversations, stronger communities.

WES Annexation Information
If you are interested in annexing to one of WES Service Districts, or if you wish to discuss the annexation procedure you call 503-742-4567.

SWMACC Development Services
WES assists design professionals with stormwater management and erosion control plans.

Various Water Environment Services forms.

Rules and Specifications
Rules and Specifications for Water Environment Services (WES)

Clackamas County Resolution Services
Clackamas County Resolution Services aims to strengthen family relationships, reduce the harmful impact of family conflict and reduce the reliance on the court for the adjudication of family conflict.

Clackamas Resource Connection
The Clackamas Resource Connection provides a single point of contact for all people seeking information about how to care for seniors and people with disabilities.

Housing Assistance Programs
Clackamas County offers many different services to help people find affordable housing, stay in their homes, and protect the rights of landlords and tenants.

Family Caregiver Support Program
Family Caregiver Support is a community-based program that helps families and caregivers who need temporary relief from the demands of providing ongoing care for a person with special needs.

Transportation Programs
Transportation Programs assist older adults and people with disabilities to get where they need to go. This helps support independence and healthy living.

1200-C Documents
1200-C & 1200-CN Documents

Public Sanitary Sewer Extension Guide
Clackamas County Service District No.1

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)
The Capital Improvement Program plans, designs and builds major capital facilities in the three area Districts.

Erosion Prevention Planning and Design Manual
Erosion control guidelines for development.

North Clackamas Revitalization Area Archived Information

Information for new employees of Water Environment Services.

Source Control and Industrial Pretreatment
Industrial sampling, facility inspections, permitting, enforcement and laboratory analysis.

Speakers Bureau & Tours
WES offers guided tours of its facilities and speakers to community, educational and business groups.

Watershed Health & Watershed Action Planning
Watershed Health

Water Quality Lab

Senior Companions
Senior Companions are volunteers age 55 years and older who serve as companions to other older adults who need help with supportive services.

Help with Basic Needs
The Social Services Division can help with many basic needs, such as food and rent assistance, health needs, and transportation.

Housing and Commmunity Development
Our subdivisions receive funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide affordable housing and revitalize neighborhoods.

Health Transformation in Oregon
Transforming Health Care in Clackamas County

Performance Improvement
The H3S Department strives to improve its performance every day.

Department Organization
H3S is organized into eight separate divisions, as well as an administration office. Each Division offers a suite of services for people in need throughout Clackamas County, and cooperates on many initiatives.

Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance
SHIBA offers convenient access to information on health insurance services and benefits for older persons and individuals with disabilities. The primary focus of SHIBA is to assist older adults with their Medicare benefits.

Money Management Program
The Money Management Program (MMP) is a protective service for low income seniors and disabled adults who need help managing their finances.

Oregon Project Independence
Oregon Project Independence helps seniors 60 years and over live independently and safely in their own homes.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
RSVP is a nationwide network of people age 55 and older who contribute their time and experience to support organizations in their efforts to make a difference in our community. RSVP offers a full range of volunteer opportunities through local organizations and supports the work of volunteers with training, supplemental insurance, and networking.

Workplace Mediation and Intercultural Conflict Resolution Training
Upcoming mediation training opportunities.

CBX Partners

Mediation in the Workplace
Success stories: healthier conversations, stronger communities.

Some Ways to Resolve Conflicts
Simple and easy ways to reduce conflict.

H3S Community Advisory Boards and Commissions
Advisory Boards and Commissions are one way that H3S ensures that the community's voice is heard.

Continuous Process Improvement
The Concept of Process Improvement we call Lean

Overview of the Department
pdf budget presentation

OMOD event flyer
BING flyer

Substance Abuse: Client Retention in Treatment
Number of ClackamasCounty Behavioral Health Clinic Substance Abuse clients who recieve 9 or more appointments in the first 90 days of treatment.

Corrections employment program
The number of corrections clients who received a service who became employed. The percent of corrections clients who received at least one service who became employed.

Domestic Violence victims reporting greater access to advocacy, resources, supports, and services
Measured as the number of Domestic Violence (DV)victims reporting increased access to DV advocacy,resources, supports, and services / number of DV victims served who respondto follow-up survey.

Utilization of Vouchers
Total number of Housing Vouchers presented to individuals which are utilized according to their requirements during the quarter / Total number of Housing vouchers presented to individuals during the quarter

Communicable disease investigations completed in a timely manner
The number of disease investigations (excluding pertussis; which is investigated through the Metro Area Pertussis Surveillance system) completed within established timelines / Total number of cases reported during the quarter

Three Strikes Guidelines
Guidelines for Alfresco Users

Summer food programs

Performance Measurement
H3S measures a variety of indicators to keep track of our progress.

Planning and Priorities
The mission and goals of the Department, as well as key strategic initiatives for the year.

Community Resource Guide
Search for resources and services throughout Clackamas County.

Veterans Appointment Information
Information to bring to your VSO appointment

Gatekeeper Program
Helping seniors and people with disabilities maintain healthy independent lives

Housing Rights and Resource Center
The HRRC works with tenants and landlords to protect the housing rights of our community and educate Clackamas County on housing issues.

Veterans FAQ
Veterans Fequently Asked Questions

Reporting abuse and neglect of people with developmental disabilities
What to do if you suspect abuse and neglect of a person with Developmental Disabilities, or if you are a victim.

Developmental Disabilities Services for Adults
County services for adults with Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities services for children
Services for Children with Developmental Disabilities

What if I'm not happy with my services?
How to file a complaint about services.

Intake and eligibility for services for people with Developmental Disabilities
Frequently asked questions about eligibility for Developmental Disability services. Call 503-557-2824 for a free intake consultation.

Becoming a Service Provider
Information on how to become a service provider for people with Developmental Disabilitie

Senior Centers
The Social Services Division works with Senior Centers across the county to provide services and support for older people.

Mt Hood Express (formally Mountain Express)
Information about the Clackamas County Mountain Express bus service

Contact Us
Department Personnel

engAGE in Community
engAGE in Community is a community-based action initiative whose mission is to establish Clackamas County as an age-friendly place that supports people's ability to age actively and successfully in their home or community of choice

Domestic Relations Mediation
Information about Domestic Relations Mediation.

Servicios en español
Resolution Services (Servicios de Resolución) es una agencia del Condado de Clackamas cuya meta es fortalecer las relaciones familiares, reducir los conflictos dentro de las familias, y a la vez reducir la dependencia en el sistema de las cortes para resolver los conflictos.

Internship opportunities at Clackamas County Resolution Services

Parent Education Program
Clackamas County?s Court-Approved Parent Education Program, Parents Helping Children Cope with Family Change, aims to reduce the negative effects of divorce on children.

Conflict Resolution Training
Conflict Resolution Trainings are provided through Clackamas County Resolution Services Youth and Family Mediation Program. These trainings are offered for area schools, community agencies, and other groups.

Couples Counseling
Help for couples.

Family Law Education Class
In court without a lawyer? Clackamas County Resolution Services offers a family law education class. Ask general questions about your situation and get information on how to move forward to a better resolution for your whole family (including help with completing court papers).

Parent Education Registration Form
Children need extra support and attention during difficult times. Our Parent Education Program will provide the skills to lessen the impact of family changes.