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Find Plats and Surveys
Find information on County Surveyor plats and surveys

Transportation and Development
DTD is responsible for land use planning and permitting, building permits, development review, code enforcement, solid waste and sustainability, road and bridge construction and maintenance, surveying, plat approvals, public land corner restoration, urban renewal and dog services.

Clackamas County Surveyor
Your County Surveyor's Office: - Receives private survey maps for filing, reviews them for compliance with Oregon statutes, then adds them to the public record. - Reviews pending subdivision and partition plat maps for Oregon statutes and county requirements, mathematical accuracy and visual clarity, easements, encroachments and other potential problems. - Recovers, restores and protects original section corner and donation land claim corner locations. - Assists the general public with locating property surveys, historical research, general survey questions, and interpreting and understanding legal descriptions.

County Surveyor Fee Schedule
A list of fees charged by the Clackamas County Surveyor for their services.

County Surveyor Plat Information
Records of Survey | Plat Notary Info | Subdivision Plats | Partition Plats | Plat Naming | Condominiums | Monument Box Requirements

County Surveyor Confirming Declarants Names
Confirming the names of declarants listed on subdivision and partition plats in the event of divorce or death

County Surveyor Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about the Clackamas County Surveyor Office and their services

Standards for Polyester Film Plats
Standards and requirements for the preparation of record of survey maps on polyester drafting film.

County Surveyor Contact Us
Contact information for the Clackamas County Surveyor's Office

Clackamas County Geodetic Control Standards
The Clackamas County Surveyor?s Office has established a High Precision Geodetic Control Network throughout the County.

History of Surveyor's Office
List of Surveyors and Deputies

County Surveyor Newsletters
A list of Clackamas County Surveyor Newsletters

Reminder to Persons Platting Property in Clackamas County Regarding Prepayment of Property Taxes
The Assessor's Office must sign your plat before it is recorded, but cannot do so until taxes are paid in full.

Subdivisions and Condominium Naming Policy
The naming of subdivision and condominium plats in Oregon must conform to ORS 92.090(1) and ORS 100.105(5)(6) respectively and are subject to the approval of the County Surveyor.

Statement Required for Partition Plats Not Being Surveyed (Parcels Larger Than 10 Acres)
Info on Statement Required for Partition Plats Not Being Surveyed (Parcels Larger Than 10 Acres)