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Online Tax Statements
The on-line tax statement information reflects the certified property tax as of the October certification date for the tax year referenced.

Assessment & Taxation
The Assessor and Tax Collector's office is responsible for the mapping and appraisal of all property in Clackamas County, the preparation of the property assessment and taxation rolls, and the collection and distribution of property taxes. Our office provides services to all government jurisdictions in the County, including schools, cities, and special tax districts.

Business Personal Property
Taxable personal property includes machinery, equipment, furniture, etc., used previously or presently in a business (including any property not currently being used, placed in storage, or held for sale).

Payment Options
Payments must be delivered, postmarked or transmitted by private express carrier on or before the due date to receive any discount available and avoid interest. If the due date falls on a weekend or a legal holiday, the due date is extended through the next business day.

Assessment & Tax Roll Summaries
Information about how your tax dollars are used.

Property Value Appeals
If you have questions regarding the values on your tax statement, the assessor's staff will be available to discuss the values with you. If you desire, an appraiser will review your appraisal with you and answer any other questions you may have.

Your Property Tax Bill
All property owners will receive a tax statement. If you do not receive a tax statement by October 31st, please call our office at 503-655-8671.

Contact Us
Contact information for Assessment and Taxation.

Farm and Forestland Soil Type Value Table
Soil Type Value Table

The foreclosure process for properties that are delinquent in their taxes.

Important Dates
Important Dates to Remember Regarding Your Taxes!

Delinquent Taxes and Lien Dates
All personal property tax is delinquent when any installment is not paid on time. Personal property can be seized. The responsible taxpayer can be served with a warrant 30 days after delinquency.

What is Measure 50?
Measure 50 is a constitutional amendment that limits the taxes a property owner will pay. Voters approved the measure in May, 1997.

Property Tax Payment Online
Pay your property taxes online via credit, debit or e-check.

Receiving your Property Tax Bill
Property tax statements will be mailed on or before October 25th.

Assessment & Tax Information
Informational links for site navigation.

Active Duty Military Exemption
Oregon property tax exemptions for qualifying active duty military personnel.

Farm and Forestland Deferrals
Information about Farm and Forest tax deferrals in Clackamas County.

Property Tax Deferral for Disabled and Senior Citizens
Information about tax deferrals for senior citizens of Clackamas County.

Property Tax Exemptions for Special Organizations
Oregon laws provide property tax exemption for property owned or being purchased by certain qualifying organizations. The most common qualifying entities are: religious, fraternal, literary, benevolent or charitable organizations, and scientific institutions.

Veteran's Tax Exemptions
If you are a disabled veteran, or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be entitled to exempt a portion of your property taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about Assessment & Taxation

Manufactured Structures
Information about selling, moving or demolishing a manufactured structure, as well as exempting a structure from title.

Board of Property Tax Appeals
General and specific information for your appeal to the county Board of property Tax Appeals.

Tax Appeals Forms
Forms for your Property Tax appeal.

Property Tax Appeal Procedures
Procedure for a hearing before the Clackamas County Board of Property Tax Appeals

Tax Appeals Tip Sheet
The following tips have been suggested by previous Board Members to help Petitioners through the appeals process. Please take just a few minutes to read through them before filing your petition.